Year of the Rabbit 2023: About, Traditions & How Chinese New Year Is Celebrated

Chinese New Year 2023 - Year of the Rabbit - Phoenix Medical

The Year of the Rabbit begins on Sunday 22nd January 2023, with the key themes of hope, longevity, peace and prosperity being the centre-piece of this Chinese New Year.

Those born in the Year of the Rabbit are said to possess calm traits, such as avoiding conflict and arguing at all times, whilst having an artistic side to their personality and a good taste for enjoyment in life.

Where Does This Fit Within the Chinese Zodiac? 

Chinese New Year 2023 - Year of the Rabbit - Phoenix Medical

The Rabbit is the fourth of all zodiac animals and is associated with the Earth Branch, particularly active between 05:00 – 07:00 in the morning. The Rabbit is yin in nature and this animal represents the moon in Chinese culture.

What Characteristics Does the Rabbit Possess? 

Stereo-typically, the Western world perceives the Rabbit as a soft, kind and weak animal, whereas the true potential of this animal is in it’s quiet persona, which conceals their strength and confidence.

Their characteristics can differ between gender – with male rabbits being known to be very polite, gentle, credible and sincere. Female rabbits are said to possess a pure heart, with a pretty appearance and elegant nature.

In terms of compatibility with other zodiac signs, the Rabbit is most likely to pair with the Goat, Dog or Pig, and look to avoid the Rat and Rooster.

How Is Chinese New Year Celebrated? 

Chinese New Year 2023 - Year of the Rabbit - Phoenix Medical

In the East, Chinese New Year is celebrated with an abundance of fireworks, stunning visual displays/decorations featuring the traditional red colour of China. Children are presented with colourful envelopes containing pocket money, whilst families use this time to enjoy a feast with friends and loved ones.

One of the main purposes of the celebrations in China is to remove the bad and old of the previous year and looking to welcome in the new and good prosperity of the year ahead.

Across many Western nations, it is common to come across parades and public celebrations in city centres to bring people together to share in the morals of Chinese New Year.

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We hope you have a successful and prosperous 2023, and we look forward to strengthening our professional relationship throughout the Year of the Rabbit!

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