30% Off Acupuncture Needles for World Acupuncture Day

Acupuncture Day

World Acupuncture Day is just around the corner so we have decided to launch our biggest discount for one day only! This offer will only stand valid for a day.

On November 15th, we are offering 30% off all acupuncture needles!


Why choose Phoenix needles?
  • Made from the highest grade of Japanese surgical stainless steel
  • Triple polished for painless insertion
  • Additional 27-step quality control process in place – on top of industry standard
  • Supplier to NHS hospitals and clinics
  • Manufactured in our own facility on a fully automated production line
  • Needles are available with/without guide tube (100 per box), 10 in 1 blister with a guide tube (200 per box), and 5 in 1 guide tube (500 per box)


Aluminium A-Type Acupuncture Needles  – The A-type range is a Chinese style needle with an aluminium coiled handle and loop on top. These needles are light-weight and generally suitable for more sensitive patients. They are also an NHS favourite and are popular amongst all acupuncturists.

Copper C-Type Acupuncture Needles  – The C-type range is also a Chinese style, copper coiled handle with a loop. This needle is perfectly suited to the application of electro-stimulation. These have thicker handles than other brands to allow better manipulation.


Plastic P-Type Acupuncture Needles – Our new P-type series were designed to meet the increasing demands from practitioners, who require high-visibility and lightweight needles. The plastic handles are feather light and are made from hypoallergenic polypropylene plastic.


Stainless Steel S-Type Acupuncture Needles  – The S-type is a Korean style needle with a stainless steel coiled handle, without a loop. The handle is made out of the highest quality Japanese surgical grade stainless steel. S-type needles combine solidity and smoothness.


To find out more and view prices, please visit our shop.

If you are a new customer and would like to try before you buy, request a free sample box.

Ways to raise awareness

If you would like to celebrate World Acupuncture Day and raise awareness of all the wonderful things acupuncture can do, we have recommended some ideas for you to do this year. Read our previous blog post.

WIN 10 boxes of Acupuncture Needles!*

Show us what you are doing for World Acupuncture Day by hashtagging #worldacupunctureday and tagging us @phoenixtcm on Instagram or @phoenixmd_ltd on Twitter and be with a chance to win 10 boxes of acupuncture needles of your choice! 

*T&Cs – 10 boxes of singularly packed acupuncture needles from our standard acupuncture needle range: A-typeC-type, P-type and S-type

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