5 Ways to Raise Awareness for World Acupuncture Day 2018

World Acupuncture Day

World Acupuncture Day (WAD) will be celebrated on the 15th of November by people from all over the world to raise awareness of the benefits of acupuncture and why it can be a fantastic accompaniment to primary healthcare. This is a one-day event where practitioners, researchers and the general public from all around the world gather to share both their knowledge and experience on acupuncture therapy.

How can you raise awareness for World Acupuncture Day?

As an acupuncturist, you have the power to influence more people than you think. You can reach friends, family, potential and existing clients on social media. You can also share feedback from your most grateful clients on Facebook or treatment pictures on Instagram – just make sure you get permission! There are an endless list of ways you can raise awareness of acupuncture within your own community. Here are some ideas we came up with at Phoenix:

1 – Distributing flyers in your local neighbourhood or newspaper

Why not start off by printing flyers about acupuncture and what your clinic offers? Try adding information about what sets your clinic apart from others and why clients should go to you. Printing is relatively inexpensive and can be done very quickly. At Phoenix, we use InstantPrint which has an extremely quick turnaround on flyers. You can even design your flyer right on their website.

Distribution is then up to you. You could go door-to-door or even contact your local newsagent about distribution in newspapers. Be sure to do this well in advance from the 15th of November!

2 – Discounted treatment day

Offering a discount on treatments for a day is a great way to grab new clients, especially those who have been on the fence! Try offering discount for World Acupuncture Day or even for a week. It’s completely up to you.

3 – Open clinic day

Organise an open clinic day with all of your colleagues to invite locals to come and talk about acupuncture and how it could help them. You can even put on a demonstration to show them how it’s done. Ask your friends and family to help spread the word and make sure you provide plenty of tea and coffee!

4 – Acupressure Workshop

As only qualified acupuncturists can perform acupuncture, instead you could hold an acupressure workshop. Acupressure is stimulation of acupuncture points using massage. You can teach patients the multitude of acupuncture points which they can massage at home by themselves without the use of needles.

5 – Multi-bed clinic day

Multibed clinic in Shanghai

If you have the space, a multi-bed clinic day is an excellent way to get people involved whilst still getting income. Multi-bed acupuncture treatments are often cheaper than 1-to-1 sessions, but the price can be set to whatever you feel comfortable with. By doing this event, potential and existing clients will be able to experience and discuss the benefits of acupuncture with like-minded people. Multi-bed acupuncture is said to quicken the treatment process as patients can share healing energy. Not only is multi-bed clinic a quick and easy way to help your clients, but you can also increase the number of patients you see each day. Try working with your local newspaper to publicise this event.


Now, what’s Phoenix going to do for Acupuncturists?

Of course, we can’t just let you do all the hard work. On the 15th of November, to celebrate WAD, we will be giving our customers a 30% discount to our acupuncture needles for one day only! Just in case you forget, add this event to your iCalendar, Google Calendar or Outlook: 30% off Acupuncture Needles at Phoenix Medical for World Acupuncture Day!

All of our acupuncture needles are NHS approved and have been through a rigorous 27-step quality control process. We are the only acupuncture needle supplier in the UK with our very own production line, which allows us to make sure prices are kept as low as possible whilst maximizing quality.

If you haven’t tried our acupuncture needles before, you are able to request a sample on our sample request page.

For more information, feel free to contact us through email at: info@phoenixmd.co.uk

Or you could contact us from: +44 (0) 1245 350822

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  1. Despite of all these medical achievements and science the majority of people are yet not aware of the benefits of the acupuncture and its healing properties. All they do is to rely on medicines and stuffs which also have side effects. Therefore, the awareness is must to raise among the masses.

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