Why Choose Phoenix Medical? 

Why choose Phoenix Medical?

When purchasing supplies for your clinic and your clients, it is essential to consider key factors when choosing your supplier. At Phoenix Medical, we try our utmost to ensure we are a one-stop-shop for all your TCM needs and we pride ourselves on our quality, efficacy and ethics.  

Although Phoenix started as a supplier of Chinese medicine products in 2011, the company has since evolved into a platform that works to advance natural medicine as a whole. We not only manufacture, source and supply the highest quality products, but we also invest a great deal into clinical research, development of new products and education. We are proud to work with practitioners, clinical trials, leading organisations and the NHS to supply herbal products, acupuncture supplies, nutritional products and more.  

If we are not already your chosen supplier, here is why you should choose Phoenix Medical… 


One thing we will never compromise on is quality! Since the beginning, our ethos has always been to supply the best quality products. We are fortunate to have strong working relationships with the best manufacturers and suppliers in China and Europe to ensure the highest quality end product. We have established a seamless farm-to-patient supply chain for our authentic dried herbs and concentrated herbal extract granules. 

To ensure quality was not compromised, we took things into our own hands and we now manufacture the majority of our own products. This allows us to enforce the highest level of quality control on all of our products, especially dry herbs and acupuncture needles. Our dry herbs are grown using the DaoDi concept whereby each herb is grown at the place of origin and harvested at the correct time to ensure traditional results. We have over 30 GMP factories in different provinces in China to ensure we adhere to traditional methods. Furthermore, we do not use sulphur to treat or alter our herbs.  

We also produce all of our own acupuncture needles. We ensure every single step of production is strictly controlled, from raw material inspection to the final product testing. This includes quality controls during manufacturing, polishing and sterilisation. We are fortunate to have the most advanced manufacturing facilities and each needle must comply with a rigorous 27-step quality control process, on top of the industry standard.  


When it comes to healthcare products, efficacy is extremely important. Because we only supply the best quality products, we are confident that they yield better and faster results.  

Our herbal products; dry herbs, concentrated granules and dietary supplements, are produced using traditional decoction methods to achieve traditional results, according to the Chinese pharmacopoeia. We develop new products that are based on natural therapies to help practitioners provide better care to their clients, all of which comply with strict EU regulations.  

Furthermore, the force behind Phoenix is a diverse team of individuals from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures, all working to help make traditional Eastern medicine more accessible. Rest assured, that when choosing Phoenix, you will be encountering a dedicated team with a great product knowledge and passion for the industry.  


Phoenix Medical is not simply just a wholesale business. We pride ourselves on being a promotional platform dedicated to product innovation, education and research, and that is why we invest greatly in TCM education and clinical trials. By promoting education and research, we aim to help contribute to the development of the industry. Together with our industry partners, our work helps TCM become more credible and more popular within the West which in turn benefits practitioners, clinics and patients.  

Since the beginning, we have always vowed to never compromise on quality. Because of this, we understand we may not be the cheapest supplier on the market but we believe quality should be favoured over price within the healthcare sector. Furthermore, we’re proud to have been a chosen supplier to Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, the British Pharmacopoeia Working Standard and the NHS for their research.  

When choosing Phoenix Medical, we can guarantee that you are choosing a strong and dedicated team who are passionate about providing the best service and care for practitioners and patients. 

If you have any questions regarding this post, please contact info@phoenixmd.co.uk.   

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