How to Use the Golden Moxa Kit 

Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy in which dried mugwort (Ai Ye) is burnt near or on the surface of the skin to help invigorate the flow of Qi and dispel pathogens. It has been used to prevent and treat diseases for more than 2500 years, with the earliest literature of moxibustion dating back to the pre-Qin dynasty.  

Moxibustion is certainly not a new treatment, but our Golden Moxa Kit is brand new to the Western market.  

Golden Moxa Kit 

The kit is unlike any other product on the Western market and is an innovative way to use moxibustion without having to use acupuncture needles or placing moxa directly onto the skin.  

The Golden Moxa Kit is a complete set which includes 5 reusable moxa chimneys, 60 moxa rolls and 60 adhesive plasters. The chimneys are made from durable cardboard to ensure the chambers are safe and reusable. The chambers include ventilation holes at the bottom and an adjustable vent at the top. The kit comes with 60 small moxa rolls made from premium Agrade mugwort and adhesive plasters to secure the chambers on the skin.  

How to use the Golden Moxa Kit 
  1. Before starting, place the adhesive plaster over the chamber through the hole on the plaster. It is easiest to do this first before the moxa is lit. 
  2. Remove the top half of the chamber and place the moxa inside, ensuring it is securely stuck onto the spike and in-between the grips inside the chamber. 
  3. Remove the protective backing on the plaster and place it onto the skin where desired. The vents at the bottom of the chimney ensure the moxa does not come into contact with the skin.  
  4. Carefully light the moxa. 
  5. Replace the top of the chamber and ensure is it tightly closed to avoid any excess smoke or heat escaping. 
  6. Use the vents at the top of the chamber to control how much heat is released. 
  7. Adjust the height of the chamber by moving the top up and down to control the temperature and burning time.  
  8. Repeat this process depending on how many chimneys you are using.  
  9. Once the treatment is over, remove the chimney from the skin. 
  10. Discard the plaster and remove the top of the chamber once it is cool enough to do so. 
  11. If there is any remaining moxa in the chamber, carefully remove it using tweezers.  
  12. Put the lid back on the chamber ready for reuse.  

The kit is easy to use and also extremely effective! It allows patients to receive a relaxing and comfortable moxa treatment.  

To purchase the Golden Moxa Kit, please visit our online shop. You can also buy additional moxa rolls to use in the kit.  

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