How To Use Phoenix Heat Patches

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As some of you may be aware, we launched our TDP heat patches in 2017. We wanted to create a product that allowed patients to receive the benefits of moxibustion in the comfort of their own home and on the go. The patch itself is made up of 3 components; wood and minerals, powdered smokeless moxa and a TDP plate. The wood in the patch contains natural iron which generates heat when exposed to oxygen. The patch stays at a constant heat of 45 degrees for up to 16 hours and is suitable for all skin types. The £2 coin sized centre disc is covered in the same TDP element as our heat lamp – which contains 33 different essential minerals that not only help to heal the problem area but also benefit your general well-being. The powdered moxa helps to dispel cold, dampness and blockages in the body which enables a smoother flow of blood and qi.


In China, patients usually have acupuncture treatments between 5 and 7 times a week. However, that isn’t always feasible in the western world due to busy work schedules, other commitments and affordability. The Phoenix TDP Moxa Heat Patch can help to prolong treatment, as well as control any pain in the problematic areas. Our heat patches are also suitable for treating sports-related injuries as the 45-degree heat can help to loosen tissue and relax injured areas. Each pack contains 5 patches, which is ideal for patients to use one a day in between treatments for both practitioner and patients to notice more effective results. A pack of 5 retails at just £7.50* so it is a small price to pay for maximized results.


Arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, can cause extreme pain in the hands, feet and wrist. The pain is caused by inflammation and blockages in the body, which worsen with age and cold weather. Our heat patches are effective in treating arthritis as the heat helps to dispel the wind and dampness within the body. Although the heat patch cannot cure arthritis, the warming heat is able to lessen the pain and reduce inflammation temporarily.

Pain Relief

Our heat patches are also effective at treating day-to-day short-term problems. Women who suffer from painful menstrual cramps are able to use a heat patch to reduce pain and discomfort. As the patch lasts up to 16 hours and is adhesive, it can be used easily throughout the duration of the day, unlike other solutions.

A heat patch can also help to treat cold and flu. By applying a patch to the back of your neck, the heat is able to dispel wind and cold in the body through the Da Zhui (GV14) point helping to reduce cold and flu symptoms.

And lastly, the Japanese use the patches in a more unconventional way. In Japan, the heat patch is popular with those who wish for extra warmth whilst dressing light during winter. By applying a patch to your foot, the lasting heat can help to warm your body up, so if you are braving the cold with light clothing or simply just feel chilly, a heat patch is like a portable blanket!

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