Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Acquires International Laboratory Recognition

Tianjiang Pharmaceutical

Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, part of the China Medical Group, officially obtains CNAS certification (L8357) for its state of the art laboratory testing facilities. This certification is internationally recognised by laboratories across Europe.

Phoenix Tianjiang Concentrated Herbal Granules

With this prestigious certification, it gives us great pride and confidence to be the UK official supplier of Tianjiang Concentrated Herbal Granules to practitioners, Universities, the NHS and clinical research trial.

We are proudly working with the University of Southampton to supply the MHRA approved RUTI trial with Chinese herbal medicine. This trial is a multi-centred, 16 week, randomised double-blind, feasibility study investigating the possible role of Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections. The study is currently accepting recruits for the trial, to apply please email Dr Andrew Flower andrew.flower@soton.ac.uk.

As a practitioner, you can assure your patients that the herbal medicine they receive as treatment is safe, effective, authentic and is of high quality. For more information on our products and the quality, please feel free to email info@phoenixmd.co.uk or call (+44) 01245 350822.

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