Supporting Patients with Omicron

Supporting Patients with Omicron

As of Tuesday 4th January, confirmed daily Covid cases in the UK hit another record high, with 218,724 reported positive in 24 hours.

The highly transmissible Omicron variant has fuelled a sharp rise in coronavirus cases since early December as it has spread rapidly around the country. The number of daily Covid cases in the UK is now triple that seen at the height of last winter’s wave driven by the Alpha variant.

While hospitalisations have risen steeply with the Omicron wave, immunity conferred by vaccines and past infection, combined with the variant being intrinsically milder, has kept daily admissions and bed occupancy substantially lower than during the peak last January.

Supporting Your Patients

For those people currently suffering from the Omicron variant and who are isolating to prevent further spreading of the variant, Chinese herbal remedies may be essential for managing symptoms and improving overall wellbeing.

As Omicron is so infectious, this is a crucial time for practitioners to support patients and aid recovery from the variant. The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine for Coronavirus related symptoms has already been proven in the past two years and with the new milder strain, herbal formulas could be imperative for those testing positive.

The symptoms of the new variant include coughing, fatigue, congestion/runny nose, and body aches – similar symptoms to the common cold and flu. Because of this, senior TCM practitioners have recommended the following formulas for combat recovery time and further immune support, in the hope of preventing patients from contracting long Covid.

Practising During a Pandemic

Although practising during a pandemic is not easy, it is essential. Individuals need the support and expertise of practitioners now, more than ever. Though face-to-face consultations may not be possible, remote diagnosis via online platforms such as Zoom, Skype and even FaceTime are beneficial to patients seeking treatment – especially those isolating or shielding.

Recommending herbal formulas via online communication is a safe way to offer treatments to patients, as well as maintain business and customer relations. At Phoenix, we offer a number of solutions to assist practitioners practising remotely, including our in-house dispensary for bespoke remedies and our commonly used formula range. All products can be delivered directly to the patients for convenience. If you would any assistance with this, please contact our sales team.

Despite the past 2 years being extremely challenging for patients and practitioners, preserving a healthy relationship between clients is imperative, so we urge you to reach out to the patients – old and new! We have several resources for practitioners wanting to deliver their business online – visit our blog or contact us for more information.

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