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Phoenix Acupuncture Needles

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Unlike most suppliers in Europe, we actually manufacture our acupuncture needles so we’re in a pretty good position with quality control. It’s also good news for customers because there’s no pesky middle-man mark up on the cost. Access to premium quality needles for all!

If you’ve not tried our acupuncture needles yet, then please do request some samples! We’re all for trying before buying, because it’s crucial for acupuncturists to be comfortable with their primary tools.

In 2012, the Chinese government passed legislation which forced needle manufacturers to maintain GMP standard requirements. Sadly, many manufacturers did not produce needles fit for purpose and they had to close their businesses. Luckily for the acupuncture community, acupuncture needles are now made with a quality standard.

However, for us the standard is not enough. That’s why we introduced our 27-step quality control process to eliminate any needles that were not perfect. Each needle is produced using our fully automated production line, which ensures that each needle is the same as the last. Once they are made, each individual needle is checked digitally and then through the microscope by our factory quality control team. This checking process is not compulsory under the government guidelines, but we insisted that this process was put in place for all of our Phoenix brand acupuncture needles.

Furthermore to our quality, we’re also fully involved in product development. Acupuncture trends change year on year, and this time we had an increased demand for thicker acupuncture needles. Customers asked, and they got. As we produce our acupuncture needles, we can easily bring in new product lines and designs.

Case study: Acuregen Thrive

Headed up by the world renowned cosmetic acupuncturist and teacher, Amanda Shayle, Acuregen now supplies premium quality intradermal needles all over the globe.

In 2013, Amanda approached Phoenix Medical and asked us to make her cosmetic acupuncture needles. She chose us because she uses our standard acupuncture needles on a daily basis, and felt that our needles were unprecedented with quality.

Statement from Acuregen:

As the features Amanda required were not available anywhere globally, Amanda sought the assistance of Phoenix Medical.   She had established a long-trusted work relationship with Phoenix and found their acupuncture needles superior for her general practice and facial work.

With this in mind, Amanda met with Phoenix in her local pub using a sketch drawn on the back of a beer mat to explain her special needs.   In particular, Amanda  to have a tag for visibility and a flattened handle for easy use of tweezers as well.

Several months later and with various prototypes which were then tested on a small scale in a confidential clinical setting, Thrive needles were born!

Without exception they are receiving acclaim on the international platform.  The journey with phoenix in this development started in 2012 with their launch at TCM Kongress, Rothenberg in 2013 where Amanda also delivered a successful first 2-day workshop in her Facial acupuncture techniques for the delegates.

Case study: China Purmed

Trading for over 30 years, China PurMed is one of the longest standing acupuncture wholesalers in Germany. Prior to working with Phoenix, they had issues with their acupuncture needle supply chain and found it difficult to find a reliable manufacturer. In 2011, Phoenix Medical was recommended to China PurMed and since then, their acupuncture business has been thriving and their worries were no more.

If you’d like to get in touch about supplying Phoenix acupuncture needles, your own brand or product line, please email our Sales Manager Matt and he will find the right solution for you. He can be reached via or just ask for him when you call.

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