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Sleep loss is costing the UK economy over £30bn a year in lost revenue but when did you ever see the NHS poster urging sleep on people? When did a doctor prescribe, not sleeping pills, but sleep itself? We are recommended 8 hours sleep a night, but getting less than 6 hours can increase the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

There are now over 100 diagnosed sleep disorders, with insomnia being the most popular. We spend the day relying on caffeine and alcohol – both of which affect our sleep duration and quality. It appears to be a never-ending, sleepless circle. So what can be done to fix our sleeping cycle? The Phoenix Sleep Management Range!

Aura Herbal SleepyT

SleepyT is a gentle blend of lily bulb, reishi mushroom, jasmine and raspberry leaf. Reishi mushrooms have been used by herbalists due for its sleep-promoting ability and modern science has found that is useful for sleep. Lily bulbs are used as a sedative and are used for calming the spirit, treating restlessness and irritability, and inducing relaxation and peaceful sleep.

SleepyT isn’t like a sleeping pill that knocks you out and leaves you feeling like a zombie – it’s a natural alternative that works to help prepare your body for sleep. To help relax the body, brew a mug of SleepyT a few hours before going to bed and enjoy a restful and natural sleep.

Reishi Mushroom (Ling Zhi)

Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) has been favoured in TCM for its calming and cooling properties. It is known to be effective at treating insomnia and neurasthenia as it has anti-neurasthenic properties which help to regulate the central nervous system. It is used in Chinese medicine for it’s sedative, wisdom-enhancing, memory-promoting and stress relieving effects.

At Phoenix, we have a range of Reishi products. The Phoenix Ling Zhi Capsules are our concentrated herbal granules encapsulated into vegetarian capsules and have a 7:1 concentration rate. The Mycology Reishi Capsules are the whole food extract from organic Reishi mushrooms grown in California. Finally, the Mycology Reishi Powder is the organic mushroom milled into a whole food powder. We also have the raw form of Ling Zhi which can be used in soups, teas and broths for flavour and for its medicinal properties.

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