Shanghai Study Trip 2017

Shanghai Study Trip

As many of you are aware, we host a 2-week study trip to Shanghai every year and although the 2017 trip may be over, we are pleased to announce we will be running the trip again next year! So why not try something new in 2018 and book your place on the trip now?

Clinical Observations:

Unlike many other study trips, the Phoenix Academy trip offers something a little different. Our trip is set up with the Shanghai University of TCM and the College of Acupuncture and Tuina, which allows us to adapt and tailor the trip to be as comprehensive as possible.

Shanghai University of TCM

 You will have the opportunity to visit the Shanghai University of TCM and take full advantage of all the on-campus amenities, including the 4-story museum which showcases 5,000 years of TCM and the extensive herb garden home to some of the most popular medicinal herbs. This also means that you will have access to private clinics and research centres that are not open to the general public, giving you an exclusive insight into TCM clinical practice.

You will also have the opportunity to experience clinical observations in hospitals. During these observations, you will have the opportunity to work very closely with the patients, as you will be able to take pulses, discuss the patient’s symptoms and history and listen to the doctor’s diagnoses. Most of the doctors and patients speak English but we ensure that all observations include an English translator. All of our translators are from the International College and are medically trained to ensure all information is translated correctly. The hospitals will provide an extensive insight into TCM in Shanghai as you will get an extremely hands-on experience in some of the biggest and most high-tech hospitals in the city.

Clinical observations

You will also have the opportunity to visit smaller communal clinics, as well as private wellness centres. These clinics offer an extremely social environment which will allow you to interact with genuine patients, on a smaller, more intense scale. You will also get to see unusual treatments that you may not have seen before, such as dragon moxibustion, as well as having the opportunity to try the treatments out yourself.

To ensure all participants get the most out of the experience, the group will be split into smaller groups of 2-3 to allow time for everyone to get a full understanding and hands-on experience. The groups will be split depending on which area of TCM you are particularly interested in; to ensure you your experience is tailored to you. Most TCM doctors in Shanghai will see over 200 patients a day, meaning each patient gets around 2-3 minutes with the doctor. However, when you are observing the doctor will allow 15-20 minutes with each patient to ensure there is time for translations, questions and explanations.

1-on-1 teaching

Tianjiang Factory:

At Phoenix, we like to offer a little more than just a study trip. We also host a visit to our Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Factory. We have worked with Tianjiang from when we first started due to their unprecedented quality, state of the art technology and dedication to improving standards of Chinese medicine.

Tianjiang Factory

Tianjiang has been awarded numerous accreditations, including a CNAS accreditation for their state of the art laboratory testing – an internationally recognized certificate for technological excellence. You will get an insight into how the factory is run, visit the climate controlled warehouses and inspect the herbs as they are inspected on one of the 30 production lines. You will get the rare opportunity to visit retention rooms, observe the 12 decoction machines and witness the advanced technology that sets Tianjiang apart from the rest.

Shanghai Sights:

Despite having a full schedule, you will also get the opportunity to see the sights of Shanghai. You will get to see how the old Shanghai juxtaposes against the new when you visit temples in the heart of the city. Shanghai is also an extremely safe city, with 24-hour supermarkets and shops and you won’t have to worry about getting lost, as most street signs and underground stations are in English.


Still not convinced? Here is what some of our 2017 students think:

The Shanghai trip was really great. What a great opportunity to study with such highly qualified teachers and deepen my understanding of qigong for health. The classes were always in-depth and challenging too. I also met some great people from all around the world with similar interests. Shanghai is an amazing city with incredible food and lots to see and do. I will certainly go back there again.  – Neil Quinton, MBAcC MRCHM MBHQA

Neil Quinton

In my opinion, to truly understand the impact and effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, you need to experience its place in the Chinese medical system and travel to China. I was very fortunate to go to Shanghai with Phoenix Medical, as part of my herbal medicine qualification, and attend clinics in the integrated Chinese and western hospitals. We were able to observe clinicians at work, and with the help of excellent translators, we were very much made part of the procedure. We could question the patient and the doctors, take pulses, observe tongues, and understand the diagnosis behind the prescriptions. We also travelled to the factory that supplies Phoenix with its herbal granules, and this was very impressive. The testing of the herbs and granules at the factory was extremely thorough and advanced. The thoroughness of the whole operation and the strict adherence to quality standards explain why the quality and reliability of the products that Phoenix sells are of such high quality. I found this trip to be an invaluable and very necessary part of my herbal training, and wish to thank Phoenix Medical for organising and running the trip. – Rosemary LillieB.Sc. (Hons), Grad Dip Phys, MCSP, Member of the Health Professions Council

Rosemary Lillie with a patient

We pride ourselves on making this study trip as constructive as possible, whether you are an acupuncturists, herbalist or practice Tuina. Our aim is to ensure that you are not just observing, but integrating with TCM in the heart of Shanghai with the help of our renowned resources. No other European study trip is able to offer academic and clinical practice with great business opportunities and hands-on experiences.

So why not enrol for October 2018? Click here or call us on 01245 350822 to find out more and book your place today!

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