Reishi Mushroom: The Hayfever Fix?

reishi for hayfever

16 million people suffer from hayfever every year in Britain, but instead of suffering (and sneezing) in silence; we may have the answer – Reishi Mushroom!

Magic Mushroom

Reishi is a medicinal mushroom that has been cultivated for thousands of years in China for its many health benefits. It is an edible type of medicinal fungus that fits the definition of a true superfood. Also known as Ling Zhi, these mushrooms are anti-inflammatory and tied to longevity, better immune function and mental clarity, earning them the nickname ‘King of Mushrooms’.

Reishi mushroom is also known as the ‘number one natural supplement for controlling hayfever’ due to its ability to relieve hayfever and allergy symptoms. It contains bioflavonoid triterpene which inhibits histamine release and oleic acid which has antihistamine actions. Ling Zhi is also known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to regulate the immune system and improve oxygen supply – benefiting those who are suffering from the sneezes!

Reishi Remedies

If your patient is suffering from hayfever, it is important to try to incorporate reishi into their lifestyle. We have a number of solutions to suit everyone:

  • Mycology Nutrition Reishi Mushroom Capsules: The 450mg capsules are perfect for patients who do not like the taste of raw herbs and want a convenient solution. Each bottle contains 90 organic and gluten-free capsules.
  • Mycology Nutrition Reishi Mushroom Powder: The 120gram whole food powder can be added to tea, cereal, soups, shakes and more! Just like the whole Mycology range, the Reishi is simply grown and milled into a powder resulting in a pure product. 
  • Phoenix Reishi Mushroom Capsules: The Phoenix capsules are made from our Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Ling Zhi concentrated herbal granules. Our granules are Spray Dried and contain zero cornstarch so are 2-3 higher in concentration, compared to other granules on the market.
  • Raw Ling Zhi: Patients can use the raw herb in teas, soups and food dishes to reap the rewards of the Reishi. All of our herbs are grown without Sulphur, pesticides or herbicides.

Whether encapsulated, powder or raw Reishi is best for you and your patient, we are sure it will help beat the sneeze!

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