RCHM ‘Healing Trauma’ Conference 2017

RCHM Conference

The ‘Healing Trauma’ Conference was hosted by the RCHM at the Imperial College in London. The three-day event consisted of lectures, exhibitions and great opportunities to network with RCHM members and approved suppliers. The seven extensive lectures promised to explore trauma treatment with the application of both external and internal herbal formulas and the keynote speakers, including Dr Karl Zippelius and David Wilson, did not disappoint.

Saturday 11th November gave us the opportunity to exhibit and showcase some of our products such as dry herbsgranulesneedlesMoxa products and Aura tea. As always, we also had our needle pick’n’mix which allowed delegates to try out some samples of our most popular acupuncture needles. We also tempted delegates with delicious TCM treats like goji berriesDa Hong Zao and long yan fruit, as well as special sweets brought all the way over from Shanghai!

RHCM Stand

The conference was also a great opportunity for us to showcase our latest venture – The International Jing Fang Conference. Phoenix Medical, along with Phoenix Academy will be hosting an 8-day conference in September and October 2018. We are lucky enough to have renowned Jing Fang experts speaking and teaching at the event, including Professor Huang HuangProfessor Feng Shi Lun, Professor Wu Xiong Zhi, Dr Li Sai Mei, Dr Wang San Hu and Professor Arnaud Versluys. The conference will consist of a weekend lecture series on the 29th and 30th September. The Saturday and Sunday promise to give delegates an extensive insight into Jing Fang and how it is applied to modern disease, taught by all of our Jing Fang experts. The 6 day series of CPD courses will give you the opportunity to attend specialist seminars taught by Jing Fang experts, who will be sharing their experiences, findings and techniques. The entire event will have both English and Chinese content, some of which will be translated by expert medically trained translators. You can find out more about the event or book your tickets here. 

Jing Fang

As always, the RCHM conference was not just a corporate event for us. Events like these are a great opportunity to meet so many of our customers – old and new. We pride ourselves on our products and service and conferences like the Healing Trauma allows you to see how we work and the quality of our products. We want to raise awareness of our brand and expertise, but also build a sense of trust between us and yourselves so that you know we are doing the best for you and your patients.

Sadly, this was the last conference of 2017, but we are already looking forward to 2018 and what it may bring to Phoenix and our customers. Thank you to all that came and said hello and most importantly, for your continued support!

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