How to Prepare for a Second Lockdown 

Preparing Your TCM Practice for a Second Lockdown

As cases of COVID surge, it is no doubt that we are entering the anticipated second wave. The question that many ask is whether there will be a second lockdown. Many acupuncture and herbal clinics had to close during the first lockdown, so what can we do to ensure we are prepared this time around? 

Although most are keen to avoid a second lockdown, local authorities recognise that more restrictions may be necessary. Taking precautions and implementing new procedures may be imperative for a TCM business to survive an unavoidable second lockdown.  

Treatments such as acupuncture, which rely on face-to-face consultations, may be threatened if restrictions become tighter, similar to the restrictions imposed earlier this year. Nonetheless, we have survived one lockdown, so how can we apply our lessons to ensure we are prepared for the next lockdown?  

How to conduct your TCM business from home  

Many practitioners have worked face-to-face with patients for all of their career and found it challenging to adapt to online practice during the first wave of the pandemic. Practitioners who practise acupuncture, cupping and massage were left with few options as their treatments are impossible to do from a distance.  Although the digital world of remote consultation may feel unfamiliar to some, it can be beneficial for both patients and practitioners. You can diagnose and prescribe over the phone, on video consultations or via virtual webinars. Discover other ways to promote your business online. 

If you choose to stop face-to-face treatments, you can still work with clients by recommending products that they can use by themselves. We have recommended products for patients to use at home. As their practitioner, you can purchase on behalf of the patient and have it delivered to their address. Alternatively, you may ask them to contact us and we can place the order for them 

Pain Management Range 

The beauty of our Pain Management range is that is can be used in the clinic and at home. We recommend ensuring both you and your patient stock up your medicine cabinet with these products to help with both acute and chronic ailments. The range is easy to use but extremely effective for a range of conditions, such as sprains, muscle pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and more.  

The range includes the Hysan Muscle Comfort Oil, Phoenix Muscle Comfort Plasters – in Warming and Cooling and the TDP Moxa Warming Stimulators. Simply teach your patients how and where to apply the products to mimic the actions of acupuncture and TDP heat therapy.  

Aura Dietary Supplements  

Our range of Aura Dietary Supplements is perfect for acupuncturists and herbalists. We have successfully registered 51 of the most commonly used formulas as dietary supplements. The range is a legal and ethical way to provide common herbal formulas and fulfil the modern-day demands of patients.  

Each bottle contains 60 x 600mg tablets, which lasts between 10 to 15 days, depending on the patient. The concentration ratio of our products has been standardised to 5:1. Therefore, a single bottle weighs 36g and is equivalent to 180g of raw non-sulphur treated DaoDi herbs.  

Furthermore, the range can bring a steady and sufficient profit to your practice, whether you are working remotely or in the clinic.  


Moxa is an excellent self-care therapy when done safely. Moxibustion is commonly often used at home in China. We have a range of safe moxa products that patients can use by themselves, including our Moxa Belt and Copper Burners. Simply pair with a smokeless moxa cone and ensure that you run through fire safety instructions with your client. 

Face to Face Consultations  

Personal Protective Equipment  

Whilst your clinic is open and operating, it is imperative to have high-quality PPE supplies. Ensuring both you and your patients wear face masks and sanitise your hands regularly will help to minimise the risk of infection. We supply a large range of PPE, including face masks, hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial surface spray to ensure safe practice in your clinic.  

Clinic Safety 

In addition to PPE and sanitation products, new safety practices may also need to be implemented within your clinic. Earlier this year we designed a clinic checklist. The checklist is free to download and includes important daily checks to guarantee you adhere to safety guidelines. Simply download and print off the checklist to use in your day-to-day operations. Download the Clinic Checklist.  

Chinese Herbal Dispensary 

For practitioners that practice herbal medicine, our dispensary will be available throughout winter as it is an essential service. We produce bespoke herbal prescriptions on-demand and same day dispatch is available for orders placed before 2.30pm*. We supply both concentrated herbal granules and raw dried herbs, along with other formats such as encapsulation or sachetting.  

Practitioners can get the prescriptions delivered to their clinics or their patients – perfect for remote or face-to-face consultations.  

Whether we enter a complete lockdown or not, we will do our utmost to support our customers to ensure their practice is as secure as possible.  

If you have any questions regarding the mentioned products or need advice, please contact  


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