Positive East Ear Acupuncture Clinic: Sponsored by Phoenix Medical

Positive East

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we like to support charities and organisations that are like-minded and resonate with our line of work – Chinese medicine! Our latest venture is supporting Positive East and their auricular acupuncture drop-in clinic.

About Positive East

Positive East has been at the forefront of HIV service and care for over 26 years, supporting people from the point of HIV diagnosis to longer-term care. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities affected by HIV. They provide a holistic range of services that enable people living with HIV to promote their health and wellbeing, support self-management and gain/sustain their independence. Their services include support groups, counselling, yoga, meditation sessions and more. 

This month, Positive East tried something new. When Chantal Busbridge, Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, got in touch about their very first Ear Acupuncture Drop-In Clinic we had to get involved!

Auricular Acupuncture Drop-In Clinic

To support their first acupuncture clinic, we donated detox acupuncture needles and ear seeds to allow the volunteers to treat the patients. Truus Jansen is heading up the drop-in clinic, and as a NADA practitioner, she is using the NADA GB 5 Point Protocol to help treat those suffering from HIV. Chantal said it was ‘such a wonderful, calm and healing environment’ – and we could not be more pleased! 

A few words from Truus Jansen, NADA Practitioner: 

‘It was so great starting at Positive East with the auricular/ear acupuncture circle. Our first client was just perfect and it is very humbling working with this art form and seeing it at its best. The client only had 1 ear NADA protocol as she was feeling the needles a bit. However, she calmed down and relaxed to such a great extent that her face was without tension after – it was just beautiful. What was also amazing was that she [the patient] sort of emerged from her relaxing slumber exactly after 22.5 minutes, a full adult’s qi cycle- [it was] just beautiful.

Thank you Phoenix for giving such generous support at a start-up of what we can only hope is going to be a very regular feature at Positive East. I have now been using Phoenix Medical’s auricular/ear acupuncture needles since I qualified. I use them on home visits, in my TuiNa clinic and my student acupuncture clinic. I also used them in Calais for the treatment of the volunteers whilst working with the refugees. Phoenix needles just are the best! I have tried different brands but as a practitioner and from the clients perspective these needles stand out in a league of their own. They insert beautifully with the least amount of discomfort and of course, the orange handle makes it easy to see them and find them in case of one falling out onto the floor.’

If you would like to know more about Positive East and the work they do, please visit their website. 

Do you have a story to tell? Or would you like us to support your charity? Please contact us at marketing@phoenixmd.co.uk with a brief.

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