Phoenix Quality Assurance Leaflets

Quality Assurance Leaflets

We are aware that Chinese medicine has received bad press in the past due to supplies of poor quality herbs, heavy metal contamination and use of animal products.  However, at Phoenix, it has always been our mission to challenge this and to secure the provision of safe herbal medicine. We have made Quality Assurance our foremost priority.

We believe that patient safety is of utmost importance. We have recently designed quality assurance leaflets for practitioners to display in their clinics. The purpose of these leaflets is to help practitioners explain and reassure patients of the safety and quality of Phoenix Medical dry herbs and concentrated granules.

Our promise to practitioners and patients:

  • 100% authentic herbs: our herbs are grown using the DaoDi concept. They are grown traditionally at the original source and harvested at the right time to optimise effectiveness and to comply with authentic TCM practice.
  • Sulphur-free: we never use sulphur, pesticides or herbicides to treat our products. These exogenous chemicals can reduce the effectiveness and provoke dangerous side effects. We are proud to be the leading organisation in the UK to supply a 100% non-sulphur treated herbal product range.
  • NHS approved: our herbal range is chosen and approved by the British Pharmacoepia Working Group, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, NHS clinical trials at the University of Southampton, universities and regulatory bodies.
  • Traceable source: each batch of herbs is 100% traceable back to their original source and come with Certificates of Analysis which are available for practitioner and patient reference.
  • Consistent quality: we are fortunate to have close relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure consistent quality throughout our entire supply chain.
  • No animal products: we do not condone the supply of animal products. It has always been Phoenix’s code of conduct to prohibit the supply of animal products and we will never supply animal products. Find out more.
  • Vegan and Gluten-free: all of our herbs are suitable for vegans and are gluten-free. The only exception is herbs that have naturally occurring gluten, such as Mai Ya, Fu Xiao Mai and Shen Qu. Find out more. Herbs that have been processed with wheat bran (Fu Chao) will also contain gluten i.e. Yi Yi Ren. Find out more.

If you would like a free quality assurance leaflet pack to use in your clinics and share with patients, you can contact our sales team or alternatively, you can add it to your shopping basket for free. If you require any further information regarding our quality, please contact us at

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