Gold Acupuncture Needles: A Nickel-Free Solution?

Until recently, we stocked three metal handle types – aluminium, copper and stainless steel. That was until we introduced our Gold Handle Acupuncture Needles! Plated in 18-carat gold, the new needles are perfect for sensitive patients with nickel allergies.

Phoenix Gold-Handle Acupuncture Needles

Just like all our needles, the gold-plated needles are individually packed; silicone coated and have a super sharp needle tip for a gentle and painless experience. All Phoenix needles are produced in a laser-controlled manufacturing line to ensure the best quality end product.

Gold needles are especially beneficial at reinforcing or tonifying points when Qi or Yang is deficient. Gold is warm and dilates the tissues and relaxes the injured area, allowing repair to be a little faster. When treatment is done with gold needles, it can give an anti-inflammatory action upon organs connected with points on the body.

Gold is also a very good conductor of electricity, making our gold-plated needles great for electro-acupuncture. Electro-acupuncture is useful when there is an accumulation of Qi, such as chronic pain, or where Qi is difficult to stimulate. The electrical current allows the points to receive constant gentle manipulation and prolongs stimulation, without damaging tissue. Some benefits you may find when using gold-plated acupuncture needles for electro-stimulation include reducing inflammation and pain, improving muscle stiffness and promoting circulation.

Nickel Allergy

An allergy to nickel often occurs upon touching a nickel-containing object, such as earrings and other jewellery, causing symptoms of rash and itchiness. Acupuncture needles can also contain nickel as it helps to make the metal stronger. Our standard acupuncture needles contain the minimum amount of nickel at just 9.06%.

If your client suffers from nickel allergies, our gold plated acupuncture needles are perfect for them because the gold acts as a barrier between their skin and the needle.

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 Available in 0.18 x 13mm, 0.20 x 25mm, 0.22 x 25mm & 0.30 x 75mm

100 needles per box – £6.25

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