New In: Plastic Handle Needles

Plastic handle needles

For many years, acupuncturists have asked for an alternative to the leading brand of plastic handle acupuncture needles, particularly as it is so expensive. As a manufacturer of acupuncture needles, we are able to design and produce our own acupuncture products. So we are pleased to introduce our new Plastic Handle Acupuncture Needles! Until recently, we only stocked metal handle needles but practitioners required high-visibility and lightweight needles so we produced our new P-Type range.

The new P-Type needles have a hypoallergenic polypropylene handles and have the finest point so are suitable for even the most sensitive patients. Just like all of our needles, the P-Type needle is triple polished and has a thin layer of silicone for painless insertion.

The needles are packaged as one needle per blister and each box contains 100 needles. The colour-coded plastic handles are easily visible and are available in 0.14 – 0.25 gauge and 15 – 60mm length.

Plastic Handle Positives

As well as being easier to see, plastic handle needles have other benefits. Using plastic handle needles instead of metal could curb the risk of the needle buckling. Longer, thinner metal handles needles are prone to buckle, whereas that is less likely to happen when using a plastic handle needle.

Despite what some people may think, plastic handle needles can be used for electro-acupuncture! Although the handle cannot conduct electricity, the needle shaft can. Simply place the crocodile clip on the shaft and it is suitable for electro-stimulation.

Another benefit of our P-Type needles is that they are cheaper than the leading brand for plastic medical acupuncture needles! As our needles are made in-house, there is no middle man so we are able to produce great quality needles for a lower price. You can get 100 P-Type needles for just £7.50 including VAT.

If you would like to try our new plastic handle range, you can request free samples here or visit the shop and add them to your basket.

If you want custom needles designed and have a great idea for a new acupuncture range, please contact us. As we are the manufacturer, we are able to introduce new sizes and styles of needles more easily. If you require a specific needle, please contact

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