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New moxa

We have expanded our moxibustion range and now stock premium quality Japanese moxa! We have chosen the highest quality products for those who practice moxibustion alongside acupuncture. We now sell CHOSEI-KYU Stick OnGold Mountain Moxa and Wakakusa Ibuki Moxa.

There are many different types of moxibustion, so practitioners have many choices in the application and form. Moxibustion is as old as acupuncture itself and is believed to have originated in China over 2,500 years ago.

It comes in many shapes and forms, and the type you choose is based on what area of the body you’re treating and what you are looking to accomplish. You can use:

  • Rolls: We have a variety of moxa rolls including smokeless, pre-cut, hollow, fine and stick-on. They can be burnt an inch or so over a large area or near a specific point.
  • Direct: Pure, wool-like moxa can be shaped and placed on specific acupuncture points. We have a variety of moxa that can be used directly, including Wakakusa and Gold Mountain.
  • Needle: Pure moxa can be rolled into a ball and placed on the end of a needle and burnt. The heat warms the surface of the skin and transfers through the needle deeper into the point.

When used effectively, moxibustion is a great addition to your treatment as it helps to increase blood circulation, tonify Qi, stimulation the digestive system and boost immune functions.

Chosei-Kyu Stick-On (100pcs):

  • Highest quality Ibuki moxa
  • Not burnt directly on the skin surface but slightly raised to give heat stimulation
  • Heat regulating paper enclosed for those with sensitive skin
  • Burns evenly from top to bottom thus ensuring a gradual build-up of heat that will not discomfort the skin
  • Each piece is self-adhesive and will hold firmly onto the skin
  • Slowly builds up to a momentary acute heat which recedes gradually

Gold Mountain (10g with 5 incense sticks):

  • Made from carefully selected superior quality mugwort gathered during mid-Winter from the Ibuki Mountain
  • Super pure
  • Easy to mould into any shape and size for direct use
  • Incense sticks to assist lighting
  • High concentration of essence



Wakausa Ibuki:

  • Most popular Japanese loose moxa
  • Easy to roll, excellent adhesiveness and contains no stems
  • Easy lighting
  • Harvested at the foothills of Mount Ibuki
  • Extremely fine moxa allowing it to adhere to the acupuncture needle well



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