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We are always keen to expand our product range and we are proud to introduce our new Phoenix Muscle Comfort Range! The pain management collection includes a Warming Plaster, a Cooling Plaster and a Massage Oil to be used by both practitioners and patients.

The beauty of the Muscle Comfort set is that it can be used in the clinic and at home. We recommend using the products in addition to treatment as well as continuing the process at home to yield quicker results and prolong the effect of treatment.

All of the products are, of course, 100% natural! The plasters are made with a herbal hydrogel matrix and the oil is made using a variety of different herbs such as ginseng and cinnamon. Just like with all of our Phoenix products, there are no nasty chemicals and additives!

Phoenix Muscle Comfort Oil

Our oil is a fully licensed essential massage oil with 100% natural ingredients. It is manufactured by Hysan Pharmaceutical, who is a well-known company in Hong Kong and specialises in massage oils, creams and ointments so we are honoured to be the exclusive UK supplier.

The oil can be used by practitioners to accompany massage treatment to help promote blood flow and tissue repair in the clinic. It can also be used by patients if they have any aches or pains, as well as for insect bites and headaches.

Simply rub the oil on the problem area for 5-10 seconds. We recommend placing a plaster or bandage over the area to maximise the penetration. 

The oil includes; lavender, San Qi, cinnamon, Chinese white pine, frankincense, myrrh, Dahurian angelica root, wintergreen and liquorice. This product comes in a 50ml bottle, which should last patients 2-3 months.

Practitioner price: £5.95. RRP: £15. All practitioner receive a 10% discount when buying 12 or more bottles.

Phoenix Muscle Comfort Plasters

Both of our Muscle Comfort plasters are made of a soft, flexible cloth which can be worn comfortably on the skin. The plasters have a water-based hydrogel mix so are water-based with herbal extractions meaning they are not sticky like other, oil-based plasters. The hydrogel matrix feels cool on the skin and are packaged in foil sealed packets, to keep them moist. We also sell adhesive backing sheets which can be used to secure the plasters in place when used on joints.

As the plasters come in packs of 6, we recommend selling patients one box to use in between treatments. One patch can be used per day to prolong treatment. RRP: £12.

Phoenix Muscle Comfort Warming Plaster

The Phoenix Warming Plaster can be effective at helping with chronic pain, muscle pain and stress as the comfortable heat can soothe the nervous system, relieve tension and improve sensitisation.

The warming plaster may also help with relaxing and loosening muscle whilst stimulating blood flow to help heal injuries. We recommend using the warm plasters on patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, muscular pain and even menstrual cramps.

It is important to note, the warming plasters do not produce heat. Instead, the warming herbs in the plaster create a warm sensation. The ingredients include warming herbs such as; pepper, ginger and cinnamon and are therefore are great at improving blood circulation and helping with chronic pain and injuries.

Phoenix Muscle Comfort Cooling Plaster

The Phoenix Cooling Plaster is designed for helping acute conditions such as muscle fatigue, sprains and burns. The cooling effect decreases pain, swelling and inflammation and numbs the skin. The cooling plasters are suitable for athletes who are suffering from a damaged, swollen or inflamed tissue.

The ingredients include methanol, Du Huo and Shu Di Huang can also helping relieve congestion and blockages in the patient’s nose, chest and sinuses.

As the plaster is water-based, patients will feel the cooling sensation as soon as it is applied to the skin. The ingredients include methanol which has cooling properties and will help to relieve inflammation.

The ingredients are also effective at helping relieve congestion and blockages in the patient’s nose, chest and sinuses.

The Muscle Comfort range proved extremely popular when it was first introduced. You can shop the whole range here but we advise buying now to avoid disappointment!

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