Moxibustion Kits: For practitioners and patients 

Moxibustion Kits

Moxibustion has been used for thousands of years as an effective way of stimulating areas of the body to improve the flow of Qi and treat ailments. In China, they use moxa to treat over 300 types of diseases and have an extensive range of moxibustion products.  

In the UK, the range of moxa is much more limited, so we decided to source a range of highly effective moxa products. We have introduced a new rebranded moxa range, which includes high-grade traditional punk, rolls and innovative moxa kits which have never been seen on the Western market before.  

We now offer a range of exclusive moxa kits that can be used in the clinic or at home.  

Tuina and Moxa Massage Kit  

The Tuina Massage Roller features two moxa burning chambers and can be used to combine massage and moxibustion. This kit includes a copper tuina massage roller, two moxa burning chambers and 18 pre-cut moxa rolls. To use, apply essential oils to the skin before the treatment to enhance effectiveness. Then remove the top of the chamber, place the pre-cut rolls inside, light the moxa and fasten the top of the chamber. Simply apply the roller to the desired area and allow the moxa to burn through the holes in the chamber. Once the treatment is over, allow the remaining moxa to cool down before removing it and ensure the roller is clean for future use. Our moxa rolls (MM211) are compatible with this kit.  

Pure Moxa Tube Kit  

The Pure Moxa Tube Kit is a traditional moxa treatment set with an ash holder and scraper, three high-quality extra-large pure moxa rolls and a reusable moxa holder. To use, simply place the XL moxa roll into the tube and burn slowly over the problem area for indirect treatment, using the scraper tool to remove ash when required. This kit is recommended for traditional high-temperature moxa treatments for increased effectiveness.  

Moxa roll size: 30mm x 150mm. Refill with XL moxa rolls (MM216).  

Golden Moxa Kit 

The kit is unlike any other product on the Western market and is an innovative way to use moxibustion! The kit includes 5 reusable moxa chimneys, 60 moxa rolls and 60 adhesive plasters. The chimneys are made from durable cardboard to ensure the chambers are safe and reusable. The chambers include ventilation holes at the bottom and an adjustable vent at the top. The kit comes with 60 small moxa rolls made from premium A-grade mugwort and adhesive plasters to secure the chambers on the skin. 

Find out how to use the Golden Moxa Kit.  

Moxa Belt Kit and Copper Burners

This essential moxa belt kit comes with three copper burners, great for using at home outside of acupuncture appointments or in the clinic. This belt can be used with up to three copper burners at a time. The belt features a Velcro strap and the burners are secured by zip-fastenings. Each burner has an adjustable vent to control the temperature and release smoke, and a pin to hold a moxa cone in place. 


Moxa rolls sold separately. Pure (MM211) and smokeless moxa (MM212) is available. Additional copper burners can be purchased separately.  

If you have any questions regarding the kits, please contact To purchase the kits or any other moxa product, please visit our online shop. We are offering customers 15% off all moxa through March 2021. 

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