Coronavirus: Jing Fang Prevention and Treatment Recommendation 

Jing Fang for COVID-19

Doctors from the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine have published a COVID-19 Jing Fang Prevention and Treatment Recommendation paper. The paper includes recommended Jing Fang formulas to help prevent and treat COVID-19. 

Jing Fang  

Jing Fang is a system that identifies patterns according to the Six Channels, which was first described by master Zhang Zhongjing within the Shang Han LunIt is based upon using simple ingredients and small dosages, which has resulted in great clinical efficacy in short periods of time. 

There has been evidence of Jing Fang herbal formulas being used since 3000 BC. With thousands of years of clinical experience, the Shang Han Lun was finally composed over 1800 years ago, as a clinical guidebook for the treatment of acute and febrile diseases.  

As Chinese physicians did not have the technology to study microscopic pathogens, they focused on the individual patient and devised treatment protocols to help the patient fend off the disease internally. As bacteria and viruses evolve exponentially faster than humans, we cannot win the race by developing drugs to target specific pathogens. Instead, TCM practitioners often have the view that we should take the defensive stance and work on our own abilities to fight infectious diseases. 

Doctors from the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine believe there are some similarities between symptoms of other febrile described in the Shang Han Lun and COVID-19 patients. Jing Fang formulas may help with the prevention and treatment of the virus.  

To promote and facilitate Jing Fang for prevention and treatment, doctors recommend four aspects: group therapy, individualised therapy, psychological intervention and general prevention. Please click here to find out more.  

Jing Fang for Coronavirus 

As the coronavirus rapidly spread, the National Health Commission of China recognised that a personalised one-to-one treatment plan was not feasible nor efficient. On the 22nd of January 2020, they proposed a herbal treatment protocol which mainly contained Jing Fang formulas, as the framework of Jing Fang works to match syndrome patterns (Jing) to formulas (Fang). By using Jing Fang, treatment protocols could be prescribed to patients with COVID-19 quickly and efficiently.  

On the 6th February, the National Health Commission of China and the State Administration of TCM recommended the formula – Qing Fei Pai Du Tang, and trialled this with 1262 COVID-19 positive patients. 1253 patients recovered successfully which is a 99.28% cure rate. Some of the most successful formulas can be found here. Please note: some formulas contain herbs that are prohibited for use in the UK and European Union.  

Phoenix Herbal Dispensary 

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Disclaimer: This information is for qualified herbalists only. Do not take herbal medicine without the guidance of a professional. Please note that various herbs described in some of the formulas are prohibited for use in the UK and European Union. For advice on substituting herbs, please contact us by emailing

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