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Nowadays, many practitioners are looking for natural, alternative pain relief solutions for their patients, as some western medicines contain undesirable side effects. Pain management is an extremely popular form of treatment, especially with team sports now starting to get back underway with the easing of national lockdown in the UK. These solutions have been particularly popular with practitioners as these remedies can also be used for distanced treatments of patients.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practised for thousands of years, with remedies being formulated to balance the body’s flow of QI (vital energy). TCM herbal remedies can be used to treat common sports injuries, as they contain many powerful healing properties.

Many muscle cooling patches on the market, such as Jin Si Gao, are marketed as ‘very effective in relieving all sorts of aches and pains’ while helping to ‘stimulate blood flow and bring more nutrients to the injured area’. While these products may possess an array of benefits on the surface, other herbal cooling patches on the market are of lower quality and marked at a higher price.

Phoenix Medical’s Jin Si Gao Alternative – Muscle Comfort Herbal Cooling Plasters

Our Jin Si Gao alternative is the ‘Muscle Comfort Herbal Cooling’ (通脉冰贴) plasters. These are made of a hydrogel matrix of essential oils, on a super soft cloth for ultimate comfort. The mint oil in these plasters create a cooling and soothing effect, making them ideal for reducing inflammation for acute conditions such as sports injuries, burns and muscle fatigue.

These are also ideal for patients to take home and use in between treatments, ensuring their treatment is maintained. For use on joints, we recommend using the Adhesive Backing Sheet together for best results. The soothing effect of these plasters can also last for up to 24 hours.

Our Muscle Comfort range is exclusive to practitioners on our website, ensuring the best value and quality on the market for these TCM products.


For all practitioners, we’re offering Bulk Buy Discounts:

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Size: 10 x 14cm

Qty: 2 pieces per foil bag, 3 bags per pack (Total 6 plasters per box)

Ingredients: Hydrogel, Angelica Pubescens M.f.b. root (Du Huo), Phryma leptostachya L. Whole (Shu Di Huang), Mentha Haplocalyx Briq. Leaf (Bo He)


To explore our full Muscle Comfort range, please visit our website here: https://bit.ly/3eWOG5r.

Don’t forget, the team at Phoenix are always at hand to help!


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