Introducing Macrocura: Your Online TCM Assistant

Introducing Macrocura

At Phoenix, we strive to be the pioneering supplier within the TCM industry, by providing practitioners with the highest quality products and newest technology. That is why we are extremely proud to introduce our latest partnership with Macrocura!

About Macrocura

Macrocura was developed in 2017 by American and Chinese scientists, who wanted to make traditional Chinese medicine accessible to all practitioners. Macrocura is committed to combining the theory and practice of TCM diagnosis and treatment with contemporary artificial intelligence technology. It aims to advance TCM by introducing an AI-based diagnostic system to offer high quality Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment administration assistance.

Practitioners can use the online platform for diagnosis, suggested treatment protocols and prescriptions, as well as managing medical records and appointments. By using Artificial Intelligence, Macrocura can help you prescribe the most accurate prescriptions for your patients – making it a great learning tool for your development in TCM!

How Macrocura Can Benefit You

  • Online diagnosis gives you the opportunity to record all of your patient’s complaints by selecting constitution and symptom presentations electronically to save time. Options include pulse, spirit, blood pressure, symptoms and chief complaints. The platform suggests up to 3 relevant formulas depending on the diagnosis, all of which can be modified and personalised manually. Practitioners can select the relevant prescription, make payment and then send it to Phoenix with just a click of a button making the whole process more time effective and efficient. (Please note: the accurate prescription service is based on Professor Huang Huang’s classical formula guidance.)
  • Outpatient service to manage your diary and clinic online to ensure all your appointments are managed efficiently in one place.
  • Treatment checking to maintain all clinical records and previous prescriptions. Practitioners also have the opportunity to add their own feedback for each formula and appointment, as well as patient’s feedback.
  • Statistical analysis to allow practitioners to keep all their data from past treatments, including most used herbs and most successful prescriptions.
  • 30 free clinical prescriptions for new customers when you first sign up.
  • Monthly payments to suit your business operations.
  • Ideal for students and new practitioners as it is a great learning tool for your development in TCM.

As Phoenix is the exclusive European supplier of Macrocura software, our customers are entitled to an exclusive discount when you register through us. Patients can choose from two options depending on which vital assistant suits your needs: Medical Data Version to document your clinic and patients or Intelligent Diagnostic version to allow you to use the online prescription service.

The Macrocura platform is available to download on both Windows and Mac here. To find out more or sign up, please contact Anna at

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