Introducing the Aura Herbal Tea Range

Aura Herbal Tea

We launched Aura Herbal Tea back in 2017 as a range for everybody. Herbal medicine is not always accessible to all and some dislike the taste, so Aura Herbal Tea is our answer.

Aura is a range of nine expertly blended functional herbal teas, for 9 different goals. We want you to love our teas as much as we do so let us introduce our range to you so that you can join the par-tea!

Pop the kettle on and have a little read:


Do you suffer from imbalanced blood sugar? Well, DiabeT might be able to help you out. The natural recipe is a blend of balancing herbs, such as Astragalus Root (Huang Qi) and Goji Berries (Gou Qi Zi), which have been used for centuries to help balance blood sugar levels. Goji berries are the superfood of the moment and it is pretty obvious why! The berry may help to improve sugar tolerance and can improve cells that help produce insulin. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals so help make DiabeT do good and taste good!


This ancient recipe helps the elimination of toxins and lipids from the body, which may be essential after a night out or two! Why not complement the body’s natural detoxification process with our unique blend of DetoxT? The tea contains Cassia Seeds (Jue Ming Zi) which have been known to promote bowel movements and clear excess heat in the intestines.

DetoxT’s main ingredient is the Lotus Leaf (He Ye) and is sacred in many Asian countries, for good reason! The leaf helps promote healthy liver functions and is great for detoxing the blood. Drinking a cup of DetoxT will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.


Why not restore digestive energy with this blend of citrus and hawthorn fruit. Both of the main ingredients are known to help restore digestive energy and keep your tummy happy. Consuming orange peel (Chen Pi) has been known to help the stomach as it benefits diarrhoea, constipation, nausea and bloating – perfect for our DigestiveT. The addition of hawthorn fruit makes the tea a citrusy delight to soothe the gastrointestinal system.


Do you struggle to concentrate as the day goes on and the to-do list gets longer? Find the perfect balance between mental alertness and relation with this herbal combination of Ginseng (Ren Shen), Liquorice (Gan Cao) and Ginger (Sheng Jiang). Ginseng has been used in TCM to enhance your body’s energy levels and improve brain function and mood.

FocusT is also naturally caffeine free to give you an extra boost, without the buzz. FocusT is a smooth peppermint tasting tea that helps tickle those taste buds!


Enjoy this calming recipe to relieve stress and enhance your inner well-being. This delightful blend of Jasmine, Raspberry Leaves and Lily Bulb (Bai He) is packed with natural antioxidants and can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Lily Bulb is a natural antioxidant and is used to calm the spirit and lessen irritability. This jasmine blend is bound to put a smile on your face!

Pure EnergyT

Let Pure Energy fight the fa-tea-gue! Pure EnergyT is the ultimate tea for the busy and health conscious. It is a brilliant caffeine-free blend of Ginseng (Ren Shen) and Astragalus Root (Huang Qi) to help enhance the body’s energy levels and reinforce immune function. Huang Qi is effective at reducing stress levels and blood pressure. Ginseng is widely known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties and role in improving brain function. It also reduces stress and improves mood. So with Pure EnergyT, you’ll be ready for anything!


Get a good night’s sleep with SleepyT. This blend is a gentle recipe of the natural sedatives Lily Bulb (Bai He) and Reishi Mushroom (Ling Zhi), both of which have been traditionally used to promote restful sleep. As well as aiding sleep, Reishi mushrooms also improve anxiety and depression, as well as enhancing your brain.

To help relax the body for a good night’s sleep, brew a mug of SleepyT a few hours before going to bed. You could be sleeping and thinking better than before!


Our SlimmingT is perfect for those wanting to look trim naturally. The recipe is the original Fei Yan tea, which is China’s most popular slimming tea. We collaborated with the founder of Fei Yan tea and re-branded it for the western market. This tea has been trusted for its natural weight loss and health-enhancing qualities for generations.

This special blend contains Lily Bulb (Bai He), Hawthorn Fruit (Shan Zha) and Spongegourd (Si Gua Luo) which has been formulated to help improve metabolism, which can contribute to healthy weight loss. Si Gua Luo helps to resolve toxicity and unblock the channels, which promote bowel movements so be sure to drink a maximum of 1 cup per day to start with.


Feeling stressed out after a busy week? Calm the body and senses with a little TranquiliT. Inspired by a traditional Chinese recipe, this blend is believed to help de-stress the mind and lower blood pressure with the help of the Pagodatree Flower Bud (Huai Hua Mi). The bud helps to cool the blood and clear heat, as well as relieve painful eyes and headaches. Give it a go and chill out!

Remember all our teas are produced from 100% natural ingredients and do not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, ensuring that you have the top quality products to create a healthier lifestyle.

Each box is £4.50 for 20 teabags but we offer 5 boxes for just £20. The recommended retail price per box is £12 so why not stock your shelves up now? You can buy the whole range here.

If you have any questions about Aura teas or their ingredients, please contact

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