International Jing Fang Conference 2018

Jing Fang Conference

We would like to deliver a key message to the industry that Jing Fang is playing an important role in Chinese medicine’s international development – George He

So after 11 months of planning and 8 jam-packed days, the International Jing Fang Conference is over! We had the vision to bring the tradition of Classical Herbalism forward to modern day healthcare – and we did a pretty good job! With the help of our partners and our expertise in TCM education, we combined our skills to organise a comprehensive event dedicated to Jing Fang.

Jing Fang originated in the Han Dynasty over 1800 years ago and since then, practitioners have adapted the theory to effectively treat patients. The efficient formulas and methods make Jing Fang the perfect stepping stone into TCM. At Phoenix, we strive to promote not just Jing Fang, but herbal medicine as a whole.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can not only cure patients but also get people from all over the world together. – Zan Yu Chen, President of the FTCMP

We were honoured to be joined by delegates from over 20 countries, including America, Australia, Switzerland and Singapore. The hundreds of attendees learnt from experts such as Professor Huang Huang and Dr Arnaud Versluys on topics including infertility, colon cancer and auto-immune diseases.

The Weekend Conference gave guests the perfect insight into Jing Fang as we experienced 8 lectures from all of our keynote speakers. Professor Huang Huang started the weekend with an insightful lecture on his ‘Methods and Experiences of Jing Fang Application’ followed by a captivating lecture by Professor Feng Shi Lun who helped us to understand the Six Channels. And of course, the weekend wouldn’t have been complete without a fun-filled Gala Dinner where we had the opportunity to wine and dine with our guests as we danced the night away!

The CPD lecture series took us on another Jing Fang learning journey! With 10 lectures in just 6-days, we gained an understanding of how effective Jing Fang can be and how we can incorporate it into our TCM practice.

Dr Arnaud Versluys’ course on ‘Using Classical Formulas to Treat Autoimmune Diseases’ showcased how essential Jing Fang can be in the Western world and left all attendees feeling extremely inspired!

Professor Feng Shi Lun and Dr Tao You Qiang then taught students how to treat Asthma and Bi-Syndromes using Jing Fang in their bi-lingual course which was expertly translated by Dr Katherine Gao.

Our 3-day course with Professor Huang Huang on ‘Body Constitution Different & Clinical Application’ was the perfect end to the event. Prof. Huang explored how to use Ban Xia, Gan Cao Lei Fang and Huang Qi Gui Zhi Wu Tang to treat a number of ailments including gastrointestinal diseases and mental health conditions. The whole 3-days were skillfully translated by Dr Yi Zhen Jia who not only translated the content but added her own clinical knowledge.

We are telling our fellow practitioners from all over the world that Jing Fang is the most precious thing in traditional Chinese medicine, and it’s also the most worthy to be studied and promoted. This is a chapter in my dream. – Professor Huang Huang

So now the Jing Fang Conference is over, we would just like to say thank you! Firstly, thank you to all of our keynote speakers and translators who did an excellent job in teaching their areas of expertise effectively. Secondly, thank you to all of our partners; the European Jing Fang Association, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Five Branches University, Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, VCACMS, World Federation of Chinese Medicine, Association of TCM Doctors, ATCM and RCHM who helped to spread the word worldwide. Third and finally, thank you to each and every one that attended the Jing Fang Conference. Without you, this event would not have been possible and we are extremely grateful for your support and passion for Jing Fang.

If you would like to see what we got up to, please visit the Jing Fang Conference gallery.

Although the 2018 conference is over, our aim is to host a Jing Fang event annually. If you are interested in future events, please contact

We would be extremely grateful if those who attended could review the event and courses and give us any feedback you have. We have compiled a short survey for you to fill out.

We would like to thank you again for attending the event and continuing to support Jing Fang. We look forward to seeing you again very soon!

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