How To Wear A Type IIR Surgical Face Mask Safely 

How to wear face masks correcctly

With most of us now wearing face masks on a daily basis, it is important that we are wearing them correctly to help protect ourselves and others. Wearing face masks incorrectly can make it easier for Coronavirus to spread. Wearing a face mask under your nose, resting it under your chin or constantly touching your mask, may make it ineffective against COVID-19.  

We understand wearing a mask takes some getting used to, but it is important that we take extra care to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here are some dos and don’ts of wearing a mask.  


  • Wash your hands before touching the mask 
  • Inspect the mask for tears or holes  
  • Find the top side, where the metal piece or stiff edge is  
  • Ensure the colour-side faces outwards 
  • Squeeze the metal piece over your nose  
  • Ensure the mask covers your mouth, nose and chin 
  • Adjust the mask to your face without leaving gaps on the sides to ensure it fits your face perfectly 
  • Avoid touching the mask  
  • Remove the mask from behind the ears using the ear loops  
  • Keep the mask away from you and surfaces while removing it  
  • Discard the mask immediately after use into a closed bin 
  • Wash your hands after discarding the mask  


  • Do not wear the mask for more than 4 hours 
  • Do not use a ripped or damp mask  
  • Do not wear the mask under your nose  
  • Do not wear a loose mask 
  • Do not touch the front of your mask  
  • Do not remove the mask to talk  
  • Do not rest your mask under your chin 
  • Do not leave your used mask within the reach of others  
  • Do not re-use the mask 

How to prevent your glasses from fogging up: 

When wearing a mask, glasses tend to fog up when there is limited airflow. When you exhale, your warm breath comes into contact with your cooler lenses, which steams up your glasses. This steam may also create excess moisture around your glasses which reduced the grip of your nose pads and makes it easier for them to slip down your face. 

Here’s how to avoid your glasses fogging up: 

  • Ensure the metal nose grip in your mask is squeezed tightly against the bridge of your nose. Phoenix Type IIR Masks have a metal strip along the complete topside of the mask to ensure a close fit and prevent fogging.  
  • A top tip to preventing steam is to twist the ear loops of the mask. This helps to stop glasses fogging and also ensures there are no gaps in your mask. 
  • Another trick glasses-wearers are using is washing their glasses in warm soapy water and then letting them air dry or gently drying them with a micro-fibre cloth. The idea is that the soap leaves behind a film that prevents glasses from fogging.  

Phoenix Type IIR Medical Face Masks  

It truly pays to use good quality PPE products, because SARS-CoV-2 is a new virus and we do not know a lot about it. However, we do know that this virus is highly contagious and travels on water drops expelled by breathing, sneezes and coughs. That is why high-quality fluid resistant face masks are essential.  

To fulfil market demand, we have ensured we have a continuous supply of Type IIR Face Masks. We offer the lowest price guarantee on like-for-like products.  

Our masks are available to purchase in following: 

We hope that this information has been helpful. If you require any more information regarding face mask safety, please contact   


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