How to Prevent Concentrated Herbal Granules Clumping

How To Stop Granules Clumping

Why do concentrated herbal granules clump?

Concentrated herbal granules clump when they are exposed to moisture. This can happen when the lids of the granule pots are not closed tight enough or are left open, just as coffee granules would. Many suppliers use the Fluid-Bed granulation method to produce the herbal extract. This method will use a large amount of cornstarch, which can be effective at preventing the clumping of granules. However, as many of you know that it can also lower the concentration rate significantly and increase the risk of gluten contamination.

Our concentrated herbal granules are spray dried. We used the Spray Dry Granulation method to produce our concentrated granules, which allows for a higher concentration and also a purer end product. They are supplied by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, who are the largest manufacturers of herbal granules in the world. They are the main supplier to over 70% of top hospitals in China and all government-owned hospitals in Hong Kong. Tianjiang is known for its unprecedented quality and passion to produce the purest herbal medicine, in the safest manner.

The nature of the essential oils in the granules are highly volatile, so it is imperative to use a binder. As we use Spray Dry Granulation, we have a unique method to allow herbal particles to form granulates by sticking together. This means that we do not need to use cornstarch or additives other than maltodextrin to form each granule. Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide derived from starch, a food safe binder and certified gluten-free.

Ideally, we would like to not use a binder at all, however, that is not feasible. To achieve the purest product possible, we only use 5-10% of binder to ensure we have the highest ratio on the market.

We prioritise purity and quality over excessive use of starch and other additives, and this, unfortunately, can lead to clumping if not stored correctly. If you do notice your herbal granules are starting to clump, there are solutions to prevent granules from clumping. 

Phoenix Medical Concentrated Herbal Granules

How do I prevent my herbal granules from clumping?

It is essential to store your concentrated herbal granules in a cool, dry place, away from directed sunlight and moisture. We recommend checking all lids at the end of the day to ensure they are tightly closed and shaking all pots at least once a week to loosen any clumps.

To ensure all moisture is absorbed, practitioners can put a food safe desiccant packet inside the granule pots. Silica gel packets are readily available to purchase on the internet and can help to keep the granules fresh and moisture-free. Another solution is placing a bag of rice or dried beans in your granule cupboard. This can also help to absorb any additional moisture.

Phoenix Concentrated Herbal GranulesIf your granules have clumped together, we recommend shaking and knocking the pot to loosen any clumps. If this does not work, you can try sieving the clumps or using a fork to separate the granules.

It is also important to ensure that you use your herbal granules before the expiry date.


What to do if my concentrated granules have clumped upon receiving my parcel?

We have a very strict warehouse and storage conditions in place to ensure all of our products are correctly stored and leave our facilities in the perfect condition. However, if you have received granules and have found them to be clumped, the packaging may have been compromised during delivery. Please contact our customer service team and they will more than happy to assist you. Please note that we have a 14 day returns policy on all products so please check them upon receiving the goods.

If you would like to explore our extensive range of herbal granules, you can visit the shop.

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