Herbal Formulas for the Coronavirus Summer Wave

Chinese Herbal Formulas for COVID Summer Wave

The government in England has confirmed nearly all remaining Covid restrictions will end on 19th July. However, with infection rates rising sharply, it is important to remain vigilant to protect yourself and others.

Supporting Patients and Practitioners

Our main objective is to support practitioners in the best way possible. Throughout the pandemic, we have worked with organisations to offer recommendations on how to operate clinics and dispensaries safely with the introduction of PPE. We also hosted a free webinar to explore how Western medicine and complementary medicine treat Covid – you can view the webinar here. And most importantly, we worked with doctors in China and Europe to supply preventive herbal formulas.

By taking preventative precautions, you are not only reducing the risk of catching the virus but also improving your immune support against future viruses. Herbal remedies can be effective at helping to manage Covid cases to reduce the risk of transmission and reduce potential strain on the NHS.

Chinese medicine has been used widely in China for the virus. Not only has it been found to be successful in boosting immunity to prevent the risk of catching Covid, but also effective in individuals who have been exposed to the virus or are experiencing early symptoms.

Another consequence will be more people struggling with long Covid either because it takes them time to recover after being hospitalised or from persistent symptoms, such as fatigue and brain fog, which for a small minority appear to happen after a milder illness. By taking preventive measures, the risk of contracting Covid and long Covid is significantly reduced.

Herbal Remedies for Prevention and Defence

The charm of Chinese medicine is that different formulas suit different individuals and different body constitutions. We offer a variety of herbal solutions for patients and practitioners.

Commonly used formulas are an easy and effective way of providing herbal formulas for immune support:

  • Yu Ping Feng San
  • Xiao Chai Hu Tang
  • Pai Du Qing Fei Tang
  • Lian Hua Qing Wen

Bespoke tailored formulas may also be effective at preventing viruses and boosting the immune system:

  • Huang Qi, Huang Jing, Nu Zhen Zi, Bai Zhu, Jing Jie, Chai Hu, Hong Zao, Gan Cao
  • Cang Zhu, Jing Jie, Zi Su Geng, Bai Dou Kou, Dang Shen, Yin Yang Huo
  • Cang Zhu, Lu Gen, Jing Jie, Huang Jing, Dang Shen, Xuan Shen, Zhu Ru
  • Mai Men Dong, Sang Ye, Ju Hua, Chen Pi
  • Huang Qi, Guan Zhong, Jin Yin Hua, Fang Feng, Pei Lan, Chen Pi, Bai Zhu (Chao)

Bespoke formulas can be made up in our in-house dispensary. We operate an ATCM and RCHM approved Chinese herbal dispensary that dispenses both raw dried herbs and concentrated granules in a variety of prescription formats to suit all patients. To find out more, please contact dispensary@phoenixmedical.com.

At Phoenix, we are here to support practitioners – whether that be with herbal and clinical supplies or with important information and advice. We would like to thank our customers for their support during this unprecedented time.

Disclaimer: This information is for qualified herbalists only. Do not take herbal medicine without the guidance of a professional. For more information, please contact us by emailing info@phoenixmedical.com.

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