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As our customers are all practitioners and business owners, we understand that minimising cost to maximise profits is fundamental. Naturally, prices of our granulated herbal extracts are often compared to those of our competitors, but are you comparing apples with apples? When placing orders for herbs, our products may cost slightly more than other brands for a very good reason –  you simply get what you pay for. Actually, buying better quality herbs may EARN you more money and save you money in the long run.

Our concentrated granules are 2-3 times higher in concentration than the next leading brand on the market. This is because we use a production method that allows us to optimise extraction whilst being ultra minimalist with the use of excipients/fillers. Moreover, our herbs are 100% non-sulphur treated which means they are safer and more effective.

Here are 3 reasons why you should spend a little more for Phoenix concentrated granules:


1. Higher efficacy leads to MORE returning clients and referrals.

With higher concentrations, we are confident that you can achieve better clinical outcomes and your patients’ ailments may become quicker to resolve. As many practitioners know, when clients see a greater improvement to their health, they are more likely to return for follow-up treatments and refer your services onto their friends or family. They say that a chef is only as good as his/her ingredients, the same applies to herbalists.


2. Higher concentrations mean you can use LESS quantity

There are two main methods to producing concentrated granules; Phoenix uses Spray Dry Granulation (SDG) and the next leading brand uses Fluid Bed Granulation (FBG). FBG requires a substantial amount of cornstarch as a filler, sometimes up to 50% of the contents, in order to maintain stability – this greatly reduces concentration and efficacy. We only use a certified gluten-free, food safe binder called maltodextrin in our SDG granules, at just 5-10% of the finished product depending on the herb.

Here is how you save money:

If you seek to achieve the same clinical outcome of 100g of FBG granules, you would only need 50g of Phoenix Spray Dried granules.

Therefore, Phoenix concentrated granules may cost slightly more per order, but you can reduce your costs by 50% per prescription that you produce for your clients.

To check whether your herbs are made from fluid bed granulation, click here.


3. Greater customer loyalty with higher quality products

We believe that choosing higher quality herbs, allows you to put your patients’ health first. By relaying this information to your patients, they can feel at ease that your herbal prescriptions are the best quality for their health. This can then help you to build trust between you and your patient. As a result, you may quickly become their go-to herbalist for the long term.

Our entire herbal product range is not sulphur treated and each herb is certified authentic. We do not use unofficial substitutes and we do not supply animal products. Because of our values and efforts to provide the safest and most effective herbs, we are chosen by organisations such as the University of Southampton for clinical trials, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, the British Pharmacopoeia Commission and more. Furthermore, our concentrated granules are also used in Hong Kong’s state owned A&E departments. If our concentrated granules are the ideal product for the respected organisations above, then we regard them as the best on the market.

Our mission is to supply authentic and effective herbs because we believe in prioritising patient safety. We have always priced our herbs as competitively as possible and changed them periodically to reflect the market price. In fact, we currently sell our products lower than the market price in China. What’s more, we offer practitioners and trade customers discounts.

We hope that this information has been informative and helped you to make an informed decision on the quality of granulated herbal extracts. For more information about our products or prices, please email info@phoenixmd.co.uk

*Next leading brand in the United Kingdom.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for qualified practitioners only. Please consult a herbalist if you wish to seek personalised advice.

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