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A rare sighting of wild pangolins in Africa has been shared in a recent BBC article. Pangolins are the most widely trafficked mammal in the world and have rarely been seen in their natural habitat – until now. It is believed that 10,000 pangolins are being poached every year and they are now critically endangered.

Pangolin scales (Chuan Shan Jia) have been widely used in TCM for centuries and more recently, authorities seized over 8 tonnes of pangolin scales in Hong Kong. It is believed that the scales can be used to invigorate blood, unblock menstruation and promote lactation. They are also used to reduce swelling and promote the discharge of pus. However, the use of pangolin scales has left these animals critically endangered, with more than a million pangolins being poached between 2004 and 2014.

Healing without Harm

Animals AsiaAs many of you may know, we are currently working with an organisation very close to our hearts – Animals Asia. Since the birth of our company, it has always been Phoenix’s code of conduct to not supply animal products nor condone the use of animal products in TCM. Animals Asia’s vision is to end cruelty and restore respect for all animals throughout Asia and we fully support their efforts and are willing to help in any way we can. As part of our ‘Healing without Harm’ campaign, we are suggesting herbal substitutes for animal products commonly used in TCM.

We urge our customers and all Chinese medicine practitioners to use safe, cruelty- free herbal products. You can find herbal alternatives to Rhino Horn, Bear Bile and more here.

Using a herbal substitute like Wang Bu Liu Xing is imperative in helping to save endangered animals and promoting herbal medicine. Wang Bu Liu Xing is known to promote movement of blood, promote lactation and invigorate the channels, therefore unblocking menstruation. The herb is also effective at reducing swelling, especially of the breast or testicles, draining abscesses and promoting the healing of incised wounds.

Another herbal alternative we recommend is Zao Jiao Ci. This herb is favoured for its ability to draw out toxicity, discharge pus and reduce swelling – much like Chuan Shan Jia but it is safe and cruelty-free!

We are privileged to have like-minded customers who also share our beliefs and ideologies and are against the use of animals products. You can find out more about our work with Animals Asia here. If you would like to support our partnership with Animals Asia, you can donate at the checkout.

To find out more or how you can get involved, please contact us at

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