Introducing Six New Granules!


We are pleased to announce that we have had a large winter restock on our granules. We also have 6 new exciting granules after we received requests from you, our customers. We have also had a restock of ear seeds, magnetic pellets and press tacks. We have limited stock of our auricular therapy products so be sure to buy those here.

As part of our granules restock, we are proud to announce we now stock 73 PaoZhi herbs. Our granules are produced by the world’s largest concentrated herbal extract manufacture – Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, part of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, the leading organization with regards to setting the standard for Chinese Pharmacopeia concentrated herbal medicine. Tianjiang’s laboratories have been awarded CNAS certification for their state of the art technology; this certification is internationally recognised in the EU and across the world.

Our supplier uses the spray drying granulation method to produce herbal extracts which produce a concentration ratio that is 200% higher than most of the brands on the market. Currently, over 70% of the top AAA grade hospitals in China, as well as more than 1 billion people in the world, benefit from using Tianjiang herbal granules.



Every batch of herbs is fully traceable to its original source and is provided with a full Certificate of Analysis, which screens for active ingredients, pesticides, microbiology and heavy metals, to comply with EU regulations. These are available to both practitioners and patients for reference.

If you would like to know more about our quality assurance, you can find it here.

Bai Guo

Bai Guo, also known as Ginkgo has been requested by many of our customers. Bai Guo is famous for regulating blood flow which may be beneficial for those suffering from Raynaud’s disease as it aids blood flow to the hands and feet. Ginkgo Biloba may also be effective for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease as it regulates blood flow to the brain and protects nerve cells damaged by the disease. Bai Guo is sometimes known as ‘the brain herb’ as it boosts memory and cognitive performance. It is also known to help retinal problems. This is a very widely used herb and we are sure it will be very popular with Phoenix customers.

Bai Fu Zi (Zhi)

Bai Fu Zi is also known as Giant Typhonium Rhizome. It may be beneficial for those suffering from eczema and other damp skin problems, as it can help stop the pain and itching. Bai Fu Zi can also be also effective at treating wind stroke and its effects like dampness, phlegm and spasms.

Bai Tou Weng

Bai Tou Weng is also known as Pulsatilla Decoction. It is known to clear heat, relieves toxicity and cools the blood. Bai Tou Weng can also be effective at alleviating dysenteric disorders, such as intestinal inflammation, severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

Mi Meng Hua

Mi Meng Hua is also known as Pale Butterfly Bush Flower or Buddileae Flower Bud. This herb can be effective in treating irritated eyes. Red, swollen and excessive tearing of the eyes can be treated with Mi Meng Hua.

Mu Hu Die

Mu Hu Die is made from Oroxyli Seeds. This herb can be effective for treating cold, flu and sore throats as it moistens the lungs relieves coughing and hoarseness and clears the voice. It is also known to comfort the liver and regulate the Qi.

Ting Li Zi

Ting Li Zi is known as Tingli Seed or Wood Whitlow Grass Seed in English. It can be effective at draining the lungs, reducing phlegm and calming wheezing – all of which are cold and flu symptoms. Tingli seed can also help lung and bladder obstruction to restore water circulation in the body.

You can purchase all our concentrated herbal granules here. Your opinion matters greatly to us at Phoenix so if you have any queries, requests or feedback then please do let us know by calling 01245 350822 or emailing us at

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