Focus on retaining current clients, not attracting new clients

Running a business as an alternative medicine practitioner during lockdown has been a challenging ordeal. Luckily, many acupuncturists and herbalists have been able to stay open during the third lockdown as they act as essential health services. Some practitioners have seen drops in demand, whilst others have seen increases in demand due to clients requiring COVID and long-COVID support. If your clinic has been affected by the lockdown restrictions, chances are that you are trying to re-think sales and marketing strategies to increase client intake.  

“Loyal clients are 5x more likely to rebook and 4x more likely to refer your services on” 

Gaining new clients costs five times more than retaining a current client, yet 44% of businesses focus on acquiring new clients and only 18% focus on client retention. Loyal clients are five times more likely to rebook and they are four times more likely to refer your services.  

No matter your clinic performance or the current circumstances, it is always good practice to review your business strategy.  

Here are 3 easy steps to increase bookings with your existing clients. 


1. Identify your top 10 clients and reach out to them

It is important to stay in touch with your top clients because they have already had a positive experience with youSend your best clients an email and ask them how they are, then simply let them know that you are here for them and can support them with your services. In an exceptional time like this, people appreciate human connections, so go above and beyond to help. 


2. Offer a discount for your clients’ next appointments. 

Give your existing clients an incentive to book an acupuncture appointment or an online consultation with a gift voucher. You can reach out to your clients and thank them for being loyal over x amount of time and give them some money off their next session with you. If your clinic is currently closed, allow the vouchers to be redeemable when you reopen. 

3. Ask your client to refer your service to friends and family. 

Customer referrals are one of the most effective marketing tools around. 90% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends, family and peers. If the client does not have any ailments and does not need a booking, let them know that they can pass the discount above onto a family member or friend. At the same time, by letting your client know that you value their feedback, ensures that your service stays relevant to them for future needs.



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