Environmental Policy Plan/Update 2019


Environmental Policy Plan/Update

In 2017, we began our eco-friendly journey. We started to implement ways to change the way we use and make products. This journey is still ongoing.

As a company, it is our mission to reduce our carbon footprint and although it may not always be quick and easy, we are keen to try anything to help make the planet a little greener.

At Phoenix, we would be nothing without our customers so we are always willing to share all aspects of the business – including our environmental policy.

Environmental Policy Update

In 2018 we created a survey to ask you what you would like to see from our acupuncture needle packaging. A large percentage of customers wanted our boxes to be recyclable, so we began the process to make this happen. We are proud to announce the packaging is now designed and will be released later this year.

However, this process was not an easy one. Our plan was to figure out a solution for recyclable guide tubes, whether that meant using cardboard guide tubes or another recyclable material but no suitable alternative has been found. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles in place as it is currently not possible to go 100% plastic free, due to a risk of contamination and infection.

With regards to guide tubes, we introduced 10 in 1 needles at the end of 2018. 10 in 1 blister packs help to reduce the amount of waste and plastic in the clinic as it uses just one guide tube per 10 needles. A reduction in the use of guide tubes would help to reduce waste overall.

Sadly, it is difficult to be 100% environmentally friendly in the acupuncture industry as all acupuncture needles, metal or plastic, cannot be recycled and must be destroyed by incineration via a sharps disposal service. Millions of tons of plastic and metal are used every year for the production of acupuncture needles.  We recommend acupuncturists to go without guide tubes or use less with our 5 in 1 or 10 in 1 formats to help reduce waste in their clinic.

Another change we made last year was to stop sending paper invoices with orders. Instead, customers can visit their online account and view their interactive copies. In December, we designed and sent out our annual Phoenix Christmas cards. This time, however, we ensured the cards were 100% recyclable. These may be small differences but if all companies made these changes, it could save tonnes of paper every year.

Environmental Policy Plan

As well as implanting different tactics, we also have a long list of ideas that will be introduced in the coming years. This year we hope to introduce paper tapes on our parcels to ensure the whole of our packaging will be recyclable and more environmentally friendly.

We also plan to introduce sample postable cardboard sample boxes, instead of plastic jiffy bags which are composed of paper and plastic, making them unrecyclable. These boxes will contain samples of our needles, new products and marketing material. They are PIP boxes with a top lid and will fit through letterboxes and the best bit? They are 100% recyclable!

Phoenix Concentrated Herbal GranulesWe recently receive feedback regarding our plastic bottles which our granules are packaged within. If you use our herbal granules, you will know that the bottles are 200g but the contents are 100g, meaning there is a lot of wasted space. We are currently in talks with Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, who supply our granules, to reduce the amount of waste. One solution is to manufacture 100g bottles, whereas the other solution is to introduce 200g bottles of granules. We hope to have a solution to this problem as soon as possible and when we do, our customers will be the first to know! We have designed a survey for herbalist regarding our herb and granule packaging. Please click here to take part in the survey.

We plan to introduce lots of other solutions in the coming years to ensure we are as environmentally-friendly as possible. We are always open to feedback and suggestions, so if you have any ideas to help us in our journey, please contact info@phoenixmd.co.uk  

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