Ensure Your Clinics Are Prepared For The Winter 

Is your clinic prepared for winter?

With the reopening of schools fully in September and the government encouraging everyone to go back to work, it may be reasonable to take extra care to prevent infection. The weather is changing, and viruses like the cold, flu and coronavirus tend to thrive in cold and damp weather. 

To help our customers and their loved ones stay protected, we have shared our top tips on how to protect yourself, patients, and families this winter.  

Keeping Safe  

It is imperative that we continue to adhere to the government guidelines with regards to public safety to prevent the spread of the virus, especially in winter.  

  1. Keep your distance  
  2. Wash your hands  
  3. Wear a mask  
  4. Use appropriate PPE and sanitation products  
  5. Avoid crowds  
  6. Wash clothes regularly  
  7. Stay home or take a test if you have symptoms  

Stocking Up On Supplies 

Throughout the summer, we have received large deliveries of authentic dry herbs, concentrated herbal granules and Phoenix acupuncture needles to ensure we are prepared for the winter months. When COVID-19 first hit the UK back in March, we experienced a shortage of stock due to a high volume of orders and restricted importing from China. Furthermore, September through to April are our busiest months and we expect a large volume of orders during this time which will affect stock levels. We recommend ensuring your clinics and dispensaries are well stocked to ensure you are prepared in the case of a second wave.  

As well as Chinese medicine supplies, we also have a comprehensive range of personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitation products. Our PPE supplies are of the highest quality and comply with European guidelines meaning they are trusted by the NHS, local councils and schools and healthcare professionals. We also offer the most competitive prices on the market for like-for-like items to ensure you are getting the best quality and price. Our range includes Type IIR Face Masks, 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser and Anti-viral & Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray. Shop the full PPE range here.  

Earlier this year, we also introduced Qi and Immune-Boosting formulas to help support patients’ immune systems. We worked with the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (FTCMP) to develop three formulas with warming herbs to clear cold and dampness whilst boosting immunity. As the weather begins to turn, preventative and immune-supporting medicine is vital.  

Whether there is a second wave or not, Phoenix will try out utmost to prevent any disruption and support our customers throughout this uncertain time. If you require more information regarding this post, please contact info@phoenixmd.co.uk 


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