Coronavirus: How to operate your dispensary safely

Herbal Dispensary Safety

With the government in talks over the gradual easing of the current lockdown, you may be thinking about normality returning and possibly going back to work. But, have you thought about how you are going to operate your dispensary safely and efficiently? 

Throughout the past few weeks, we have kept our dispensary service open, to allow to allow practitioners to continue prescribing quality Chinese medicine. During this time, we have implemented new safety measures to ensure we are continuing to operate in the safest, and most considerate way possible. 

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Safety Procedures  

If you are thinking about re-opening your dispensary, we recommend implementing the following procedures: 

Social Distancing: Staff must be at least 2 metres apart at all times. If your dispensary room is not large enough to accommodate this rule, only one person is allowed in the room at once, to ensure social distancing measures are maintained. 

Personal Protective Equipment: All staff should be in full PPE. This includes; facemasks, gloves and protective clothing. Ideally, PPE should be changed as often as possible but that may not be feasible, so we recommend at least two/three times a day. Please note: We have a limited supply of facemasks and gloves available to purchase in our online shop. Find out more 

Hand Washing: All members of staff should be washing their hands at least once an hour. Hand sanitizer should also be available. Please note: Hand sanitizer is available to buy here 

Cleaning: Dispensary rooms should be cleaned rigorously – first thing in the morning, before lunch and at the end of the day. This includes all surfaces, equipment, door handles, light switches etc. We also recommend wiping down surfaces with anti-bacterial spray after each prescription to avoid cross-contamination. 

Air Flow: Ensure all dispensary rooms are fully ventilated and windows are left open when the room is vacant to allow a fresh flow of air. 

Personal Belongings: Staff should not bring any of their personal belongings into the dispensary room to avoid any contamination.  

By enforcing stricter safety measures, we believe practitioners will be able to prescribe as safely as possible. 

Phoenix Medical Chinese Herbal Dispensary

Our Chinese herbal dispensary is available for practitioners who do not have access to their own dispensary. Our dispensary service is currently operating Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5:30pm. We offer free next day UK delivery on granule prescriptions. * Find out more. 

If you would like any more information regarding your dispensary operation, please contact  

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