NEW: DaoDi Culinary Herb Range

At Phoenix, we are always striving to fulfil the market demand and we are extremely proud to introduce our latest range – DaoDi Culinary Herbs!

A feature of TCM theory is a focus on the relationship between medicine and food. The Chinese consider the kitchen a home-based clinic and many practitioners believe that if a person’s diet is carefully managed, it can have medicinal benefits as herbal medicine focuses on a healthy lifestyle.

The products were developed and introduced to make Chinese culinary herbs more accessible, for not only practitioners, but also patients. The range includes dried fruit, mushrooms, beans and Chinese favourites. They are all packaged in convenient 50g/100g click-sealed foil bags and can be used in a variety of dishes including soups, teas, stir-fries, porridges and more.


DaoDi Herbs

Just like all Phoenix herbs, the range is grown using the DaoDi principle. As a unique concept used to describe authenticity within Chinese culture, there is no direct English translation. The word ‘Dao’ was originally used to describe districts in the Chinese empire, similar to the word ‘province’. The word ‘Di’ relates to soil, geography and landforms, so the concept loosely translates to geo or geo-authentic. Simply put, our herbs are grown in an authentic place, harvested at the correct time and produced using traditional methods.

Factors that contribute to DaoDi status are recognized as a combination of environmental factors (climate, soil, drainage, terrain), coupled with traditional cultivation and processing time. All these factors are implemented when processing our herbs but for this range, we developed them further.

Culinary Herbs

As our new range is specifically developed to be used for culinary and nutritional purposes, we had to ensure the herbs not only do good but taste good! The herbs have been grown for guaranteed flavour, quality and authenticity to advance natural health and wellbeing. As we do with our medicinal herbs, we also embody the same quality principles with our culinary herbs.

Flavour: Grown and produced using original methods to ensure an authentic flavour. 100% natural, no artificial flavourings.

Quality: Fully controlled supply chain, sourced from GAP fields and GMP factories. Free from sodium, preservatives, gluten and sulphur. No added sugar, additives or colourings.

Authenticity: Guaranteed correct species cultivated at the place of origin and harvested at the right time, using classical methods. From field to bowl – for use in delicious teas, soups, broths and more.

Culinary Herbs in the Clinic

Incorporating culinary herbs into your practice could be extremely beneficial for your clinic as Chinese medicine and nutrition go hand-in-hand. The theory of Yin and Yang and balancing Qi applies to Chinese culinary herbs too,  so introducing accessible Chinese herbs could yield betters results and bring in additional revenue.

Why not try these ideas in your clinic:

  • Display the new DaoDi Culinary Herbs in your clinic – the range will look great on your shelf and will display the rainbow of herbs. The packaging is fresh, attractive, and 100% recyclable.
  • Make delicious teas or snacks using the culinary herbs to welcome your clients – a hot cup of Hong Zao and Goji Berry tea will be greatly welcomed by your patient and may inspire them to make it a home. Alternatively, try putting the herbs out for your clients to snack on whilst they wait for their treatment.
  • Create readymade herb blends – the range comes in single herb packets but why not create your bespoke mixes and ingredient packs for clients to purchase to help further their treatment.

Stock up your kitchen: Bulk buy and save:

Buy 10+ bags: Save 5%

Buy 20+ bags: Save 15%

Why not try something new today and treat your taste-buds and tummy with our range of culinary herbs? You can shop the full range here. If you would like to know more about the range, please contact

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