What Do Our Customers Really Think Of Phoenix?


We recently conducted a survey to find out what our customers really thought about Phoenix – and the results are in!

We asked you what you like about Phoenix, what you do not like about Phoenix and what we can improve on. We received a large number of great responses with lots of fantastic ideas. We would like to thank each and every one of you that took the time to complete our survey. As our customers are at the forefront of Phoenix, we would like to share the results with you.

The Positives



When asked what our customers liked most about Phoenix, over 80% of you said quality – which is extremely pivotal as we pride ourselves on top quality products. We strive to supply the highest quality acupuncture needles, dry herbs and concentrated granules, as customer safety is our utmost importance.

Customer Service 

As you can see from the graph, we scored highly for our customer service. This response is very important to us as we work extremely hard to provide the best customer service. We try our hardest to resolve any problems that may arise, offer the best possible solution or simply let our customers know we care!


We are also extremely happy that our customers are satisfied with our delivery services. We try our utmost to ensure orders reach practitioners as quickly as possible as we are fully aware of the importance of medical devices arriving promptly. We also try extremely hard to ensure all delivery problems are rectified once they have left the warehouse.

The Negatives


One of the biggest criticisms we received was regarding our website. Some customers have difficulty navigating and making orders on our website. In an effort to improve our customers experience on our website, we have started to make changes with our web developers.

We have recently introduced a drop-down menu when you hover over the shop icon. The drop-down menu shows all shop categories to allow customers to visit the desired page easier and more quickly. Don’t forget, the search bar at the top of the page is a customer’s best friend! Simply type in the product name or code you are looking for and it should take you to the correct page. We have also rearranged our home page to make the site more attractive and less crowded. If you do have any problems regarding our website, please feel free to message us via the online chat, email us or give us a call and we will be able to help!


We are fully aware that we are not the cheapest supplier on the market, however, we do not aim to be as we prioritise quality above all. For example, as our herbs are DaoDi, they are premium quality and therefore prices are higher. We are the only European DaoDi supplier and as they are of a higher quality, it is difficult to compare our prices with a like for like. We supply DaoDi herbs as we believe the more authentic the herb, the better the results and therefore your patient receives better treatment. As the saying goes, if you pay peanuts, you receive monkeys!

Don’t forget, we offer tier discounts on a lot of products including; herbs, needles, concentrated granules, heat lamps and our pain management range. We believe the discounts we offer help to ensure our products are affordable but the quality is not compromised.


Another area we can improve on is stock levels. As most of our customers know, our product range comes from China so when stock levels are low, it isn’t always possible to restock products quickly as shipments can take over a month to arrive. We are aware this can be extremely frustrating for customers and it is extremely frustrating for us too! To ensure our stock levels do not run too low, we are going to increase the number of deliveries we receive every year and order beyond our forecasted stock requirements.

We have made a conscious effort to start improving stock levels by expanding our product range. In the last year, we have introduced new acupuncture needles, more moxa products and a pain management range. Some customers suggested we supply more auricular ear products. Read about our auricular acupuncture products in our blog.

The Future

The consensus was that customers are happy with the products and service we provide! However, that is not going to stop us from continuing to grow and improve in any way possible. We take on board all suggestions and always try to find a solution that will benefit everyone.

We are currently in the process of addressing and improving all the areas mentioned in the survey. However, if there is anything you would like to see from Phoenix, please contact us at info@phoenixmd.co.uk.

What do you think?

2 Replies to “What Do Our Customers Really Think Of Phoenix?

  1. You have received the very positive feedback that I feel you deserve, but I see no mention of any environment concerned with regards to your packaging. I have expressed my concerns, a number of times, that the pots that the concentrated powders come in are only half full. This means twice the plastic, twice the container space from China, twice the shelf space in your warehouse and twice the shelf space in our dispensaries. I imagine the only reason for this is to give us the illusion that we are getting more powder then we actually do, which is essentially just a wasteful marketing gimmick. I am aware is replicated by other suppliers and is part of a long tradition of half filled pots. So it’s time for you to lead the way with smaller pots or fill the same pots to the top, especially with the most commonly used herbs

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Thank you for your comment. This survey focused more on our service, quality and overall customer consensus. We have done another survey regarding packaging, and more specifically, the granule packaging which will be shared on our blog later this week. Hopefully, that blog will answer some of your concerns.

      Kind regards,


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