Culinary Herbs: Benefits and Uses

As well as supplying a large range of medicinal herbs, we also supply a range of culinary herbs such as mushrooms, beans and other Chinese foods. They can be used in cooking in traditional Chinese broths, soups and stir-fries.

As we do with our medicinal herbs, we also embody the same quality principles with our culinary herbs – zero use of sulphur, pesticides and herbicides.

The Phoenix Culinary Herb Range

Culinary Herbs

Huang Hua Cai/Day LilyThe Chinese lily flower has a slightly crunchy texture and makes a great addition to stir-fries.

Gou Qi Zi/Goji BerryThe humble goji berry is praised for numerous health benefits and is known as a mighty little superfood! Simply use them in teas, Chinese broths or sprinkle over your morning porridge or cereal.

Da Hong Zao/Jujube DatesThe larger dates are native to the Xinjiang province in China and are great for making a Qi tonic. They can be as large as a chicken egg and are super sweet!

Mei Gui Hua/RosebudsMake a beautiful rosebud tea with these Chinese buds. The rich magenta colour makes it a very attractive herb.

Long Yan Rou/Longan FruitLongan fruit directly translated into English is ‘dragon eye’. This is because of its translucent flesh and the round, black seed inside. They are a deliciously sweet fruit, packed with nutrition.

Hua Zi Gu/Nameko MushroomThe main ingredient in Japanese miso soup, Nameko mushrooms are small but mighty in taste!

Hua Gu/Shiitake MushroomFlower shiitake mushrooms are full of flavour and great in stir-fries.

Dong Gu/Shiitake MushroomWinter shiitake mushroom, is also known as Xiang Gu and can be used in all cuisines.

Tremella Mushroom/Yin ErAlso known as Snow Fungus, Yin Er has a crunchy yet gelatinous texture and is often used in Chinese sweet soups.

Mu Er/Wood Ear FungusNamed Wood Ear as it grows on tree bark and has a distinctive curly appearance. They are a jelly-like mushroom with a crunch! Why not try them in the traditional Chinese dish, Si Xi Kao Fu?

Hei Dou/Black BeanBlack soybeans are great for aiding the elimination of toxins as it contains a high source of fibre. They work well in Chinese stir fried dishes and are full of protein.

Lu Dou/Green BeanMung beans are widely used in Asian cuisines as they are known to clear heat and remove toxicity. Mung bean soup is a popular Chinese recipe to cool down in summer months.

Hong Dou/Red BeanRed beans are a favourite amongst east Asian people. They are often used to make sweet red bean paste, cakes and even ice cream!

Huang Dou/Soya BeanSoybeans are packed with protein and are a staple part of Chinese diets, as they are made into numerous foods such as tofu and soy milk.

Why not try something new today and treat your taste-buds and tummy with our range of culinary herbs? You can shop the full range here. If you would like to know more about the range, please contact


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