Coronavirus: Immune Supporting Formulas

This post was updated on August 28th 2020.

When SARS-CoV-2 first hit the UK earlier this year, we received an unprecedented demand for herbal prescriptions. For many individuals, prevention is key and herbal medicine may help to boost immunity against the COVID-19 causing novel Coronavirus. At Phoenix Medical, we worked with the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (FTCMP) to develop three immune-supporting herbal formulas.

It is believed that the coronavirus thrives in cold and damp climates and that the herbal formulas used in China, may not only be unsuitable for European patients but also worsen their ability to fight the viral infection. This is because some formulas that were used in China contained cooling herbs to purge heat, yet here in Europe we are in a colder climate, therefore we require warming herbs to clear cold and dampness, especially now as the weather is changing.


The preventative formulas that we have developed contain a combination of Qi boosting and damp clearing herbs. In partnership with the FTCMP, we donated a supply of the formulas worth £4000 to members of Chinese medicine societies, the University of Southampton, the University of Wales and the London Buddhist Centre.

As everyone has a different body constitution, the suitability of these herbal formulas must be selected based on each individual. The formulas are displayed below, and we encourage practitioners to share this information freely with other herbalists. Each of these herbs are available to buy from our online shop, subject to availability.

For advice on these formulas, please contact the FTCMP via

Disclaimer: The following information is for qualified practitioners ONLY.

Phoenix Medical Chinese Herbal Dispensary

Each formula is made from our concentrated herbal granules in our ATCM/RCHM approved dispensary. Each pack contains 14 sachets of 4g of concentrated herbal formula. Click here to view the formulas.

Prevention Formula 1Preventative Herbal Formula 1 - Immune Boosting Herbal Formulas

We recommend this formula for individuals who are overweight with low muscle mass. They may present with shortness of breath, occasional diarrhoea and they may sweat easily.

  • Huang Qi 黄芪 – Astragalus Root (Fructus Ligustri Lucidi) – 27%
  • Huang Jing 黄精 – Soloman Seal (Rhizoma Polygonati) – 14%
  • Nu Zhen Zi 女贞子 – Glossy Privet Fruit (Ligustrum lucid Ait) – 14%
  • Bai Zhu 白术 – Atractylodis Rhizome (Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae) – 14%
  • Jing Jie 荆芥 – Japanese Catnip (Herba Schizonepetae) – 14%
  • Chai Hu 柴胡 – Bupleurum Root (Radix Bupleuri) – 6%
  • Da Zao 大枣 – Black jujube Fruit (Fructus Jujube) – 6%
  • Gan Cao 甘草 – Liquorice Root (Radix Glycyrrhizae) – 5%

Prevention Formula 2Preventative Herbal Formula 2 - Immune Boosting Herbal Formulas

We recommend this formula for those who feel heaviness, fatigue and low mood. Symptoms will include sweaty hands and feet, dry eyes, a frequently blocked nose and sticky eyes.

  • Cang Zhu 苍术 – Black Atractylodis (Rhizoma Atractylodis) – 24%
  • Jing Jie 荆芥 – Japanese Catnip (Herba Schizonepetae) – 16%
  • Bai Dou Kou 白豆蔻 – Round Cardamom Fruit (Fructus Amomi Rotundus) – 15%
  • Dang Shen 党参 – Codonopsis Root (Radix Codonopsis) – 15%
  • Yin Yang Huo 淫羊藿 – Epimedium (Herba Epimedii) – 15%
  • Zi Su Geng 苏梗() – Perilla Stem (Caulis Perillae) 15%

Prevention Formula 3Preventative Herbal Formula 3 - Immune Boosting Herbal Formulas

This formula is recommended to individuals that do not feel cold and prefers to dress lightly even in cold weather. He/she prefers cold drinks and dislikes hot weather. They may present with a dry throat/mouth, dry eyes and a short temper.

  • Cang Zhu 苍术 – Black Atractylodis (Rhizoma Atractylodis) – 15%
  • Lu Gen – Reed Rhizome (Rhizoma Phragmitis) – 15%
  • Jing Jie 荆芥 – Japanese Catnip (Herba Schizonepetae) – 15%
  • Huang Jing 黄精 – Soloman Seal (Rhizoma Polygonati) – 15%
  • Dang Shen 党参 – Codonopsis Root (Radix Codonopsis) – 15%
  • Xuan Shen – Black Figwort Root (Radix Scrophulariae) – 15%
  • Zhu Ru 竹茹 – Bamboo Shavings (Caulis Bambusae in Taeniam) – 10%

We stress that these herbal formulas are not suited to individuals with an active infection as they are immune-supporting but not anti-viral.

Disclaimer: This information is for qualified practitioners ONLY. Please contact a licensed herbalist before taking herbal formulas.

If you have any questions about these formulas or any of our products, please contact us at or the FTCMP


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