Concentrated Herbal Granule Packaging Update

Granule Packaging Update

In 2017, we began our eco-friendly journey. We started to implement ways to change the way we use and make products. This journey is still ongoing.

As a company, it is our mission to reduce our carbon footprint and although it may not always be quick or easy, we are keen on adapting the way we work to be more sustainable. One issue that has come up frequently is our concentrated granule packaging.

Concentrated Herbal Granule Packaging

Our granules are currently sold in 100gram portions but are supplied in a 200gram bottle. We understand that this causes inconvenience concerning storage space and waste. We have spent the last 3 years working towards a solution that benefits both practitioners and the environment.  However, there is currently no quick fix for this issue.

                     Different packaging solutions currently offered on the Chinese market

We have contemplated several alternatives but to date, we have not found the correct solution. Some alternatives we have considered are:

Sachets: One option was to replace large plastic bottles with foil or plastic sachets. The problem with this option is that we cannot guarantee sachets will be able to remain air-tight, which could result in clumping. Additionally, transporting sachets presents further issues as they can easily rip or tear, causing the granules to spill.

Glass bottles: Another suggestion was using glass bottles instead of plastic. This was not a viable solution as glass bottles require a lot more packaging to prevent them from breaking in transit. The amount of bubble wrap and protective packaging needed to transport the glass bottles would not make this solution any more environmentally friendly – especially if the glass bottle is sealed with a metal lid. Furthermore, glass bottles are much more expensive than plastic bottles, which would mean we would need to increase the price of our granules to cover the cost of the bottles. We conducted a survey in 2018 asking customers whether they would be willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, only 28% of customers said yes.

Smaller plastic bottles: Although this may seem like the easiest option, production must be taken into consideration. Our granules are produced in China on state-of-art automatic productions lines, whereby they work off automatic filling and labelling requirements.  If the size of the bottle was to change, the whole production line will also need to be adjusted, which is another extremely large cost that may impact the price of the product.

Although we are yet to find the perfect solution for us, we are continuing to work with our manufacturers to ensure we are making progress with our eco-friendly journey. We are constantly working with our factories to think of new and innovative ideas, and we will be sure to update you with any progress.

The Phoenix team at the Tianjiang factories in Jiangsu discussing different packaging options in 2019

In the meantime, we welcome all feedback and suggestions, so if you have any ideas to help us in our journey, please contact

Thank you for your continued support.

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