Chinese Medicine & Human Health Conference 2023

The Chinese Medicine and Human Health Conference 2023 took place on 7th and 8th October 2023 in London, serving as a collaborative effort between the UK Centre of Chinese Medicine and the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


During the inaugural ceremony, the Executive Director of the UK Centre of Chinese Medicine (CCMUK), George He and Michael McIntyre, representing the CCMUK advisory board, delivered addresses to the assembled audience. George He emphasised the increasing significance of Chinese medicine’s evolution within the globalised landscape of recent decades.

He also acknowledged the industry’s struggles in areas such as supply chain management, quality control, and professional advancement. In response to these challenges, CCMUK was founded in April 2023 as a non-profit organisation with a dedicated mission to serve as an unbiased platform for advancing Chinese medicine. Its enduring vision encompasses the enhancement of standards and credibility, the amplification of societal benefits, the consolidation of its presence, and the promotion of sustainable growth. CCMUK is firmly committed to elevating educational standards, refining clinical practices, ensuring product quality, and pursuing recognition within the broader legal framework of the UK and Europe.

George He, Michael McIntyre

From left to right: George He – Executive Director of CCMUK; Michael McIntyre – CCMUK Advisor

Following this, Professor Ji Guang, President of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, provided an overview of the university’s mission. He stressed the need for collaboration between Chinese and conventional medicine to address challenges such as ageing population and chronic diseases. He called for removing prejudices against traditional medicine and emphasised that clinical efficacy lies at the heart of traditional Chinese medicine’s legacy. He advocated for scientific evidence-based research to elevate traditional Chinese medicine to new heights, offering more effective treatments. Given the shared global health challenges we face, he reiterated the importance of unity and cooperation.

President Ji

Professor Ji Guang – President of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

The conference featured representatives from various organisations, including the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP), the Acupuncture Society (AS), the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (ATCMA), the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS), The Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (FTCMP), The Registered Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM), the GP-TCM Research Association (GP-TCM RA), and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Additionally, experts from academic institutions such as King’s College London, Imperial College London, Cambridge University, University College London, Southampton University, and Lincoln College attended, along with around 120 professionals from Cyprus, Denmark, France, Ireland, Spain, and the UK. Furthermore, 296 professionals worldwide participated virtually, making this event one of the most popular in the UK’s TCM community in recent years. It underscored the industry’s recognition and support for CCMUK’s work and highlighted the common goal of advancing and developing the Chinese medicine field.

Representatives from organisations:


From left to right: Diana Lacraru (AACP), Dean James (AS), Hui-Jun Shen (ATCMA) (CCMUK Advisor)


From left to right: Jennifer Norton (BAcC), Dr Federico Campos (BMAS), Zan-Yu Chen (FTCMP) (CCMUK Advisor)

RCHM, GP-TCM, Kew Gardens

From left to right: Martin John (RCHM), Dr Tai-Ping Fan (GP-TCM RA), Dr Rui Fang (Royal Botanic Gardens) (CCMUK Advisor)

Following the opening ceremony, CCMUK advisors and experts from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine delivered keynote presentations showcasing cutting-edge research and clinical findings in Chinese medicine. These presentations covered a wide range of topics, including traditional and innovative perspectives, and received enthusiastic applause from attendees.

SHUTCM, Southampton University, King's College

From left to right: Prof. Ji Guang (SHUTCM), Dr Merlin Willcox, Dr Xiao-Yang Hu, Dr Qi-He Xu (all CCMUK Advisors)

Charlie Buck, Lei Zhang, Zan-Yu Chen

From left to right: Charles Buck (CCMUK Advisor), Prof. Zhang Lei (SHUTCM), Zan-Yu Chen (CCMUK Advisor)

Yue-Lai Chen, Amanda Shayle, Xue-Yong Shen

From left to right: Prof Chen Yue-Lai (SHUTCM), Amanda Shayle (CCMUK Advisor), Prof Shen Xue-Yong (SHUTCM)

On day two, masterclasses were conducted by experts such as Prof Chen Yue-Lai, Dean of Longhua Hospital affiliated with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Prof Xu Shi-Fen, Director of the Acupuncture Department of the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Prof Song Yu,  Director  of  the  Dermatology  Department  of  Longhua Hospital Affiliated with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Prof Zhang Qin-Hua, Director of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department and the Reproductive Department of Shuguang Hospital affiliated with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

These masterclasses focused on syndrome differentiation, treatment, and clinical experience related to common diseases in European TCM clinics, including urinary incontinence, allergic rhinitis, emotional conditions, skin disorders, and assisted reproduction. Attendees praised these masterclasses for their in-depth analysis of pathological causes and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plans, benefiting greatly from the expert insights.

Day 2 Masterclasses

Day 2 of the masterclasses conducted by Prof Chen Yue-Lai, Prof Song Yu, Prof Xu Shu-Fen, and Prof Zhang Qin-Hua (from SHUTCM).


Happy delegates enjoyed the CCMUK conference, observing talks and meeting other delegates.

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