Chinese Herbal Dispensary Spotlight

chinese herbal dispensary

Chinese Herbal Dispensary Spotlight

Phoenix’s dispensary service offers a comprehensive service, which is convenient and efficient for herbalists to use.  

We understand that it is not always feasible to have your own dispensary service in your clinic or at home. The purpose of our dispensary is to provide herbalists with a complete solution that they can trust, along with helpful and friendly customer service.

We are confident that the quality of our dry herbs and concentrated herbal medicine will yield quicker and better results. So sit back, relax, place your prescription and let us do the rest!

Phoenix Chinese Herbal Dispensary

Phoenix is an official supplier to NHS hospitals, clinics and research trials and therefore, we are proud to say that our herbal products are safe to use. As a leading supplier of herbal medicine in Europe, we hold a great responsibility to ensure that you, as our customer, are able to provide safe, effective and consistent treatment to your patients.

Our dispensary staff are trained under ATCM and RCHM guidelines. The dispensary rooms are equipped with cleaning facilities and are all fully ventilated.

The herbs that we supply you with our 100% non-sulphur treated and sourced from GAP certified fields and GMP factories. Each batch of herbs that we provide you are traceable to their sources and comes with a Certificate of Analysis, which show levels of active ingredients, pesticide residue, heavy metals and microbiology.

Unlike other suppliers, we do not use sulphur to prolong the shelf life of our products. Our herbs are initially dehydrated to remove moisture and to preserve fragile active principles like volatile essential oils.

What does our dispensary service provide for you?

At Phoenix, we provide you with an efficient dispensary service, in which we prepare herbal prescriptions in many formats, including:

Raw herbs: Phoenix herbs are grown with the DaoDi concept, meaning they are cultivated in the right place, harvested at the right time. This ensures that the herbs are authentic and have the correct properties according to the Materia Medica. We are also proud to have the largest range of PaoZhi processed herbs. All herbal prescriptions come with a no-mess, non-woven decoction bags for free, to make it easier to decoct the herbs.   

Concentrated granules: Our concentrated granules are produced by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical. We chose Tianjiang because of their unprecedented quality and their passion to produce herbal medicine in the purest and safest manner possible. They pair traditional decoction methods with state-of-the-art Spray Drying Granulation to produce a perfectly soluble product. Our granules do not contain corn starch so they are gluten-free* and 2-3 times higher in concentration than other brands.

Encapsulated prescriptions: We provide hand-made remedies in capsules for patients who dislike the taste of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Our concentrated herbal granules are simply encapsulated into vegetarian capsules to make the process easier for your patients.

Herbal tablets: We offer a wide range of concentrated herbal tablets, using our in-house tabletting machines. We are proud to say that our concentrated herb granules were specially selected for use in the NHS clinical trials as they were found to be more effective and of higher quality than other brands on the market.

Sachets: Phoenix has a sachet machine to help you manage dosage better. You can specify the dosage in each sachet so that your patient does not need to measure out medicine. Just simply tear the sectioned packages apart, and pour the contents into your mug and take with hot water. It makes blending the medicine much easier.

Why choose Phoenix to dispense your herbs?

•    Free next day delivery for all orders placed before 2:30 pm (U.K. orders only)

•    Largest range of over 600 dry herbs and concentrated herbal granules

•    An efficient online-ordering system has an instant price calculation

•    Customised labels with your clinic logo so your brand is presentable throughout your patient’s treatment process

•    Flat pack re-sealable zip lock packaging as they are more space efficient and easy to deliver through letterboxes, so your patient doesn’t have to wait around for the postman

•    Variety of prescriptions and solutions available to suit the needs of your patient

If you’ve never tried our service before, why not give us a go with a free 2-week granule prescription (200g)? Call the team on 01245 350822 to find out how to claim your free prescription.

If you would like to know more about our dispensary service, please visit or contact

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