How To Use The Phoenix Capsule Filling Device

Capsule Filling Device

At Phoenix Medical, we offer you the possibility of creating hand-made remedies by supplying you with our highly recommended hand operated capsule filling device.

Capsules are often desirable for patients who do not favour the taste of traditional herbs; and for those who are busy and have little free time to decoct herbs. Many choose to buy encapsulated herbal remedies as they are quick and easy to consume. Our hand operated capsule filling devices are very simple to use.

We have two manual capsule filling devices:

Step 1: Separating the capsules – Carefully split each capsule into two halves – top and bottom. Put each half into separate holes.

Step 2: Insert bottom base of capsules – Start by inserting your capsules into the device by using the sorting tray. Place the sorting tray on top of the deeper tray.

  • Tip all the bottom bases of the capsules into the sorting tray.
  • Shake the tray, ensuring that all capsules have been slotted through each hole.
  • Clear away the excess capsules.
  • Check each capsule, ensuring that they are the correct way round. If the capsule is upside down, change the capsule position that the rounded part it facing downwards. Repeat if necessary.
  • Once all capsules are positioned correctly, you may remove the sorting tray.

Step 3: Fill with granules – Fill the deeper plate with Phoenix concentrated herbal granules, spreading it evenly across the device by using the plastic spreader. Compress the granules by using the pressing tool – gently push the device down. If necessary, spread more granules over the deeper plate. Clean off the excess granules once each capsule has been filled

Step 4: Insert top cap of capsules – fill the shorter plate with your top caps by using the sorting tray. Shake gently so that each cap is slotted into a hole. Once each hole has been filled, you may remove the sorting tray. Ensure that all holes are filled with the capsules correctly – if upside down, turn the capsule the right way up.

Place the orange plate on top of the shorter plate, ensuring that the grooved side is facing up. Press down gently to ensure that it is placed securely.

Step 5: Put the plates together – Place the two halves of the device together with the shorter plate on top. Gently press down; make sure that all capsules have been covered.

Turn it over and press down gently on the other side.

Step 6: Finishing off your capsules – Remove the top device and Press the capsules down gently to ensure that they are tightly secured; you should be able to hear a snap. Then tip the capsules out.

Your capsules are now ready!

For a visual step-by-step demonstration on how to use this device, please watch our YouTube video. You can purchase our Capsule Filling Device and the empty capsules here.

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