The Original Fei Yan Tea: Aura Slimming T


We developed Aura Herbal Tea in 2017 as a range for everybody to enjoy. Herbal medicine is not always accessible to all and some dislike the taste, so Aura Herbal Tea is our answer. Our teas are blended for flavour and health benefits, with no added sugar, artificial flavouring or preservatives. One of our most popular blends is SlimmingT.

Slimming T is the perfect blend for those looking to trim up naturally. The recipe comes from the original Fei Yan Diet Tea. For generations, Fei Yan Tea has been trusted for its ability to promote natural weight loss, as well as its health-enhancing abilities. We have exclusively collaborated with the founder of the Fei Yan tea and re-branded it for the Western market to ensure we are the only registered supplier in Europe.

The History of Fei Yan

Fei Yan Tea is named after an Empress of the Han Dynasty – Zhao Fei Yan. Fei Yan’s slim and fragile figure was highly sought after and was regularly compared to that of a sparrow’s. Her name, Fei Yan, means ‘Flying Sparrow’. She was popular for her slim and beautiful figure, also her dancing abilities. It was said she was ‘as light as a swallow and could dance on another one’s palm’. Rumour has it that the Empress got the small waistline from consuming Fei Yan Tea every day.

10 years ago, Fei Yan tea was the most popular herbal weight loss tea in Europe amongst TCM clinics. Since then, many counterfeit products had been produced and the market saturated with poor quality products, causing problematic side effects to patients.

At Phoenix, we understand the importance of patient safety, especially in the realms of weight loss, and therefore we pledged that we would only work with the original creator and supply the authentic product.

Aura SlimmingT

This special blend has been formulated to help improve metabolism, which can contribute to healthy weight loss. The blend consists of 20% Lotus Leaf (He Ye), 15% Hawthorn Fruit (Shan Zha), 20% Luff Cylindrica, 10% Coix Seeds (Yi Yi Ren), 10% Astragalus Root (Huang Qi), 5% Liquorice Root (Gan Cao) & 15% Oolong Tea. SlimmingT promotes bowel movements so be sure to take care when drinking it!

Some benefits of SlimmingT may include:
1. Boost your energy and body metabolism. Increasing body metabolism helps you discharge fat and toxins and also burn calories, which results in weight loss.
2. Helps burn fat and calories. When you have a faster metabolism, it is not just calories that will get burnt, but also extra fat that stored in your body.
3. Treats habitual constipation.
4. Helps slim down abdominal area. Since it helps with burning fat and calories, SlimmingT could help slim down your waistline.
5. Calms the bloating feeling
6. Contains antioxidants. Fei Yan Tea is a rich source of antioxidants. The polyphenols inside the tea could also help with decreasing the risk of inflammation.
7. Supports detoxification. Due to the polyphenols content, which you can find in the tea, it can help to rid the body of toxins and support detoxification.

How to use:

When patients first start using Slimming T, we recommend only using 1 tea bag per day. This is to help the body gradually adapt to faster digestion and to restore digestive balance. As the body adjusts to SlimmingT, patients can increase to 2 tea bags per day. However, we recommend patients do not exceed 3 cups per day.
Some patients may experience some initial abdominal discomfort as the tea contains natural herbal laxatives that promote muscle contraction within the gut. However, this should subside as the body gets used to faster digestion. If you experience prolonged digestive symptoms, please discontinue use.

Please note: Slimming T is a supplement to promote healthy weight loss and should not be replaced for a healthy, balanced diet.
We do not recommend any individual to drink Slimming T if their BMI is underweight or borderline underweight.
This tea is not suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

We recommend providing SlimmingT as an additional treatment within your clinic. The whole Aura range is made from 100% natural ingredients and is a great accompaniment to complementary health therapies. The practitioner price for a box of 20 tea bags in £4.50. RRP: £12.00

If you would like to try a sample of SlimmingT, please contact You can purchase SlimmingT, along with all other Aura Herbal Tea blends in our shop.

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