Animals Asia: Two years working together

Animals Asia - two years working together

We began working with Animals Asia back in 2018 after meeting their founder, Jill Robinson. When we found out about all their hard work, we had to get involved!

We work with Animals Asia because of their dedication to saving bears from the brutality of bear bile farms. Although Chinese medicine has historically been known for using animal parts for medicinal purposes, we are proud to be a 100% plant-based Chinese herb supplier.

For the past two years, Phoenix has been fundraising to improve the lives of rescued sun bears, who have been horrifically exploited on bear bile farms in Asia. With the help of you, our amazing customers, we are proud to announce that together we have raised nearly £3,000 in just two years!

Healing without Harm

As part of our partnership with Animals Asia, we introduced the Healing without Harm campaign, which helps to educate practitioners and the general public that animal products do not need to be used in traditional Chinese medicine. Throughout the campaign, we have suggested plant-based alternatives for animal products in TCM to ensure our practitioners use solely herbal medicine. Read our blog post or visit our Instagram to find out more.

As well as promoting herbal medicine, we have also been donating a percentage of all our profits to Animals Asia. When shopping online, our customers also have the option to donate at the checkout, so thank you to everyone that has!

Additionally, we have run raffles and competitions to raise further funds and awareness for Animals Asia. Our raffle at the 2019 BAcC Extraordinary Meridians Conference was a great success and all proceeds were donated.

Sweet Pea’s story

For 12 lonely years, Sweet Pea was held captive on a farm and exploited for her gallbladder bile. That was until June 2019, when the Animals Asia team rescued her from a bear bile farm and gave her a forever home at their sanctuary in Vietnam.

Years of neglect were evident as Sweet Pea suffered from a deep gash across her face, bleeding retinas, a mouth full of rotten teeth and extreme hypertension – a common problem for former ‘bile bears’.

Thanks to lots of sweet treats, love and donations, Sweet Pea was able to receive life-saving treatment and is now living a happy and safe life with her bear brothers and sisters.

Sweet Pea’s story is a reminder that whenever you feel as if there is no good news left in the world, remember the stories you won’t see on the news – stories of the precious lives you bring joy to every day, and of the once-broken bear hearts filled with love, because of you.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has placed an order, donated money, brought a raffle ticket or simply just spread the word. None of this would be possible without the constant support from our loyal, and generous, customers! We hope the next year will be even more successful so we can work together to stop the exploitation of helpless animals.

In these troubled times, please take care of yourself and know how grateful we are that you are part of our Animals Asia family.

If you would like to know more or find out how you can help Animals Asia, please contact 

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