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We started working with Animals Asia in 2018 after meeting Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson at the RCHM herbal medicine conference in October 2017. We were amazed by their efforts to end the exploitation of animals and improve animal welfare. When we found out about all their hard work, we just had to get involved!

For the past year, Phoenix has been fundraising to help improve the lives of rescued sun bears who have been horrifically exploited on bear bile farms in Asia. With the help of you, from our amazing customers, we are proud to announce that together we have raised nearly £1,300!

The amount we have raised can help with so many different projects, but most notably, the funds we have raised can cover life-saving surgery for two rescued bears. This year, the money we have raised has gone directly into saving Aurora’s life. This little bear is Animal Asia’s newest family member and we are so pleased to know that we were able to make a difference.

Aurora’s story

Aurora spent the first 15 years of her life in a cage, held in captivity as a ‘pet’. When she was rescued in December 2018, she was in a terrible state – both physically and emotionally. Poor Aurora was rescued by Animals Asia and after spending several months in quarantine, she recovered from her injuries which were due to severe neglect. The funds we raised, has helped to pay for surgery to remove Aurora’s gallbladder, to ensure she has a long and happy life ahead of her. She now lives with her new bear best friends; Goldie, Sassy, Annemarie, Murphy and Layla, as one big happy family!

Healing without Harm

As part of our partnership with Animals Asia, we introduced the Healing without Harm campaign, which helps to educate practitioners and the general public that animal products do not need to be used in traditional Chinese medicine. Throughout the campaign, we have suggested plant-based alternatives for animal products in TCM to ensure our practitioners use solely herbal medicine. Read our blog post or visit our Instagram to find out more.

As well as promoting herbal medicine, we have also been donating a percentage of all our profits to Animals Asia. When shopping online, our customers also have the option to donate at the checkout, so thank you to everyone that has! Additionally, in Christmas 2018, we ran the Phoenix Medical x Animals Asia Christmas Hamper Prize Draw. Tickets were just £5 and all proceeds went straight to Animals Asia!

For the coming year, we will of course, continue the efforts we started in 2018 but we also have new projects and ideas! We will be introducing Animals Asia Clinic Packs, which you can purchase and share in your clinic, with your patients and other practitioners; all proceeds will go to Animals Asia. We will also be hosting a raffle at the British Acupuncture Council’s Extraordinary Meridians Conference in September. Attendees will have the chance to buy raffle tickets to win amazing TCM prizes and all money raised will be donated to Animals Asia. We also have much more planned so keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has placed an order, donated money, brought a raffle ticket or simply just spread the word. None of this would be possible without the constant support from our loyal, and generous, customers! We hope the next year will be even more successful so we can work together to stop the exploitation of helpless animals.

If you would like to know more or find out how you can help Animals Asia, please contact

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