AFPA Conference 2018

AFPA Conference 2018

The ‘Balance Method in Acupuncture’ Conference was hosted by the AFPA in Dublin. The two-day event consisted of exhibitions, in-depth seminars and great opportunities to network with Irish practitioners. The comprehensive seminar promised to combine Taiji and Channel Correspondences with careful palpation to ensure practitioners discovered effective ‘extra’ and ‘new’ points – and Dr Hans-Georg Ross did not disappoint.

The weekend gave us the opportunity to exhibit our products to Irish practitioners for the first time in 3 years. We showcased products such as acupuncture needles, Moxa products and Aura tea. As always, we had our needle pick’n’mix which allowed delegates to try out some samples of our most popular needles. We also tempted delegates with delicious TCM treats and our Da Hong Zao proved to be very popular!

The conference was also a great opportunity to meet Kathleen and Deirdre – who are the backbone of the AFPA. Their passion and dedication to the Irish acupuncture community is overwhelming and we feel privileged to work with a like-minded organisation.

Matt, Deirdre and George

As always, the AFPA conference was not just a corporate event for us. We were able to put names to faces and also get to know many new customers. The AFPA and their members pride themselves on consistent quality and by attending; we were able to showcase our passion for consistent quality too.

It may have been 3 years since our last trip to Ireland but we are already planning the next. Thank you to all that came and said hello and most importantly, for your continued support.

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