What Can an Acupuncturist Do During Lockdown?

Meditation Webinar

As most acupuncturists depend on in-person appointments to carry out acupuncture treatments, the nationwide lockdown has turned many practices up-side-down. How should acupuncturists carry on during this turbulent time, when all non-primary care clinics were encouraged to close?

acupuncturists in lockdown

The nationwide lockdown was enforced to help “flatten the curve”, which is meant to slow down the spread of coronavirus and protect the NHS from being inundated. This might be in place for many months to come, and even when the lockdown is lifted, it may take patients some time to feel courageous enough to visit acupuncture clinics. Now might be the time to think outside the box and to incorporate innovative ways to keep your client base and followers engaged.

Flatten the Curve
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Hold an Acupressure Webinar

Traditional acupuncture can be used in many ways to boost Qi, improve immune function and to relieve stress. Similar effects can be achieved using acupressure. Why not teach clients and potential clients how to use massage and acupressure to reduce their risk of contracting coronavirus or other viral illnesses? Points such as Spleen 6, Stomach 36, Lung 7, Large Intestine 11 and Kidney 27 may be most useful whilst the coronavirus is rife.


Teach Stress-Reducing Methods

Many of us are dealing with chronic stress on a regular basis, which in time, may impair our ability to handle infections. Constant activation of our fight or flight response may lead to poorer regulation of immune responses. This may be fuelled by the constant stream of negative news we are hearing about the coronavirus or juggling working from home with homeschooling the kids.

What can Acupuncturists do during Lockdown
Meditation Webinar

To help your clients reduce stress, you can connect with them by hosting webinars and live streams on social media. In these, you can teach individuals how to use breathing techniques and meditation right from your own home. Sometimes, all you need is a smartphone and internet access. If you are multi-disciplined, can also host online classes of Qigong, Taichi and Yoga, which are all fantastic forms of stress-reducing exercise. Social media is a great tool that you can use to expand your following across the nation or even internationally.

Make fragrant herb bags

Even if you are not a herbalist, you can still use herbs in many other ways. We use herbs in everyday cooking, don’t we? Herbs like Pu Gong Ying (Dandelion), Ding Xiang (Cloves), Chen Pi (Orange Peel), Rou Gui (Cinnamon Bark) are common plants, so herbal medicine is really not so far removed from everyday life. You can try to make fragrant herb bags which release anti-viral essential oils, which may help to clear the sinuses. You can buy the herbs from our online shop and muslin cloth bags from many online retailers. Once you’ve made your herb bags, you can sell them to clients.

Herb bags acupuncturists in lockdown

Make infographics and write content

Marketers say that “content is king”. Above all other marketing techniques, writing content about acupuncture is the most powerful tool to get more visitors to your website. Now that most of us are confined to our homes, it is the best time to get typing. It is rare that acupuncture patients will choose a practitioner without doing any research. They may type into Google “best acupuncturists [insert town here]”, “how to support immunity with acupuncture” or “does acupuncture work?”. It is imperative that your website answers those questions so that more clients click on your website and choose your services. Make sure your blog posts contain as many keywords and keyphrases as possible, so that your posts have more chance of appearing on the first page of your potential clients’ Google search results.coronavirus-infographic

Infographics can be great ways for your clients to consume information. You can make infographics using graphic design programmes like Adobe Illustrator if you know how, but it’s easier to use cloud-based software like Canva.com. Simply build an infographic using Canva’s many templates and images, then fill it with your own content.

Expand your knowledge

We are fortunate that learning doesn’t require a classroom anymore. There are thousands of courses on the internet which we can learn at our own pace, and whenever we like. Why not expand your skillset into herbal medicine, Tuina, moxibustion, Qigong, Taichi and Chinese dietary therapy?

Online learning

Although we are in an extraordinary time where the future is uncertain, the best we can do is to stay calm, healthy and continue moving forward. Think outside of the box, and look for other ways to improve your brand, outreach and build your client base so that you can pick up where you left off, in a stronger position.

Have you got any ideas for other acupuncturists? Please share them in the comments box below!

Worried about income? The UK Government has pledged a support scheme for those that are self-employed to apply for grants during the next three months.

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  1. I’ve developed an app for my own clinic around 6 months ago. I think it’s is a great way to get set up for post lockdown. I’m currently offering it to Acupuncture practitioners at a 20% discount.
    It’s probably expensive for most people but in the grand scheme of things for app development it’s actually really good value and I think has a lot of potential to engage with your patients past and present.

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